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You can often tack it to the nearest metal IF can. Do not replace the zener D with a cap.

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In one position it gives If the load capacitance of rci 2950 radio speaker hookup crystal to too far off, the circuit may not oscillate, play with the values for R 1Mand C, 33pf. Connect the 2 right pins putin flirtations rebuffed advances. Do not connect to the banded side!

We start with a reference frequency in CB mode The second generation unit will have the battery eliminated, and still has the large capacitor right in the way of the bracket knob mounting hole on the right side, problem there is someone gets aftermarket knobs and they are too long and bend the cap over till it shorts out or breaks the solder loose on the board.

Dak Mark X only: The result is a dramatic drop in adjacent-channel interference.

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There are two or three stages of KHz amplification to choose from, and you can put the filter between any of these stages. For RX, it provides basic IF selectivity. Ron ol'fart This conversation has gone a little bit off topic from my original post but I'm glad it has come up.

With the parts side up and the colored stranded wire on your right, the three bare wires are left to right: I was told to "man up" and do the code. I eventualy upgraded,my wife did as well and so did my best friend. Placing the filter very early in the IF strip, such as immediately following the first mixer, will help establish the overall receiver selectivity.

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Our HF versions use two special high-Q crystals 7. Looking where the module is plugged in on the back side of the front panel there will be 2 sets of pins right above the module plug in. I know that many have bought this unit expecting to do the mod later and found out to late that this radio would not go to 11 meters.

Everything is marked on the inside by name, am power, SSB power, and any other power.

Channel Guard Filter for CB Radios - Hookup Instructions

European-made version of Uniden "clone" chassis above same circuit, different part numbers Euro Even the Tech license was not hard but not a sinch either. A few original KHz radio filters have four or five leads, not three. The third generation they fixed a few of the interior flaws, such as the large capacitor problem.

Version 1 has the onboard battery for the memory and has to switch from CB band to frequencies by using the LOCK button. I learned very quickly that if I did not pass a code test, I was never going to fit in and would be an outcast.

Ranger RCI-2950DX Owner's Manual

There are two schools of thought about its location in the circuit path: Locate the 2 pin plug going to the linear unit. If you have no use for switch able talk back then use the signal described earlier SWR or RB for the ground end of the trimmer pot or fixed value if you go that way.

The DX is also modifiable to seven megs, play around with the jumper settings, you will be amazed what this radio appears to be able to do.

One wire is the hot 8 volts for transmit. Strong adjacent channel signals can easily cause bleedover interference to the desired signal. Johnson VikingViking D: The radio should start at For faster scan and function speeds replace X a 4 MHz ceramic resonator with an MHz crystal, but remember speeding up the CPU makes it run hotter, and going to fast will make it prone to locking up.

Watch excessive gain here; there are already several preceding IF amp stages.

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Both curves at the insertion point are about 8 KHz wide. Also possible but not as effective: Look on bottom, center pin is grounded. Reassemble the radio and turn radio on. This has an SMD main chassis; leave this installation to a pro! Here are some pics of the "E Chip" Again, thanks go to Larry of The Quack Shack for supplying me with and authorising me to use this information.

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Connect the base to the 10k going to 8 volts. Noise is broadbanded in nature and the less noise that gets through to the Detector, the better the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of the receiver. In most installations the best placement will be early on, immediately following the First Mixer stage.

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Connect the collector to the wire going to the linear. This filter is the large metal can about 2" x 1" that you see on the main chassis.

For AM only, remove C Interrupting the IF signal path by inserting any extra device can also attenuate the desired RF signal substantially, sometimes as much as 6 dB per filter element.

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This has no noticeable effect on the received audio quality of typical AM CB transmissions. Remember to solder a third ground wire to the crystal case, then ground it to the radio chassis. For example, you can use the SWR or Roger Beep for talk back from the front panel by removing the wire from the connector on the main board and simply soldering it to the cathode of D This is usually obvious because the RX sensitivity as indicated by your S-Meter or speaker volume will drop way down.