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Catch the trailer and it's airing: When my birthday comes up, he makes his agency trainees write on rolling paper to give to me as a present. He is going to spend his first month with basic training and then almost two years of his life as a public worker.

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Was that a slip of tongue? Who's that 'friend of mine' dating with Hyoyeon? What happened to the picture? I also advised my brother, Jaehyun, a lot. A lot of answers needed.

Was it deleted intentionally or not?


When asked whether it was hard having an older sister in a girl group, he replied, "I have older brother-in-laws. She even pointed out how he wouldn't wear clothes his mother picked out for him on the grounds they were tacky, but if he were told rainbow jae kyung dating sites sister picked them out, he'd say how cool they looked.

With this caption and I quote, "My Best Buddies. At the time I thought this was not the time to have a boyfriend.

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The rumor is that the two are dating! The video is just below.

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As Jaehyun explained he was originally going to be an athlete, but turned towards becoming a celebrity, Jaekyung took over to explain how she used to be against it because she worried her sensitive brother would take negative comments too personally and get hurt.

On the show, Jaekyung talked about her fellow group members, saying, "When they run away from home, they always come to our house. The two also talked about how they were completely unlike each other.

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Here are the videos: However, after I debuted, my brother respected me," making everyone laugh. There are couple of 'evidences' that will solidify the rumor. Second is in Thailand, Jay Joonhyung Kim posted a photo on his instagram with Hyoyeon and his other friends. I told him to date in secret without getting caught by his agency.

She said, "My younger brother treats me extremely well. However,if they are really dating and they are both single, there's nothing to hide about.

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Enlistment of Korean men to have their military service is a normal thing in South Korea, but one thing is not normal in this story. It will feature three of their top K-Pop male groups: When the kids come to our house, Jaehyun sits docilely and cuts us fruits. However, after debuting, I realized I should have dated as much as I wanted before debuting.

But if privacy is their concern I reiterate, if they are really datingeveryone deserves that right to privacy. Was the picture deleted to cover up the 'slip of tongue'?