AM ELBE- Saale-Radwanderweg - Flats for Rent in Breitenhagen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany AM ELBE- Saale-Radwanderweg - Flats for Rent in Breitenhagen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

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The house is of stunning, old-school german style, packed with bookes and interesting art.

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Cornelia is kind and welcoming, I was glad talking with her and really enjoyed tasting the vegetables of her l… Read more Cyril September A very good place for a stop or even for staying a bit longer if you are working in the area as I did or want to learn about the art of vegetable gardening or vegan food and people with different lifestyle from the city.

Queen Victoria's enthusiasm for Hochheim's wines contributed to their popularity in England, where they, and ultimately, Rhine wines in general, were referred to as Hock.

Signposted routes through wine country: Moving from east to west, the fairly flat, dimpled landscape evolves into progressively steep slopes. The breakfast was delicious and more than we could eat.

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We had a great stay. Cornelia is very hospitable. I was exhausted and had a good night of sleep thanks to the quietness of the countryside and a comfortable bed. Anders August Cornelia was friendly to my girlfriend and I.

The region enjoys a broad domestic and international popularity. Her place is very peaceful and homely. Luka July Super cosy house with cute places to sit in the wild garden.

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Even tried to speak to my girlfriend in Spanish. A bit intimidating to some, maybe, but Cornelia has good intentions and tried to help us in both travelling and health issues. Cornelia was a lovely host, would return anytime! Wine Growing Regions Rheingau The Rheingau is one of the most distinguished wine regions of the world.

Rheingau Overview Rheingau Geographical location: There was even a vegan possibility for my sister. Cornelia will be a pleasant host either way.

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And a quiet town. The former yields elegant wines with a refined and sometimes spicy fragrance; a fruity, pronounced acidity; and a rich flavor. Two grape varieties predominate: Mild winters and warm summers; the vineyards are protected from cold winds by the forest-capped Taunus Hills and benefit from the heat-reflecting surface of the Rhine Soil types: House is rather old and has a spirited feeling to it.

Boddapati May Lovely woman, she graciously hosted our group of 5. Erlebnis Saale-Radwanderweg

I will visit here again. From there I felt a great comfort. The world-renowned oenological research and teaching institutes in Geisenheim have contributed significantly to the extraordinarily high level of technical competence in the German wine industry today.

It is a quietly beautiful region, rich in tradition.