Hox Scanlations: Good-bye Punpun Hox Scanlations: Good-bye Punpun

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But minor complaints aside, I think the manga's both greatest strength and weakness is the central character Punpun. But to fail, be rejected, hurt, angry, or upset are all just a normal part of the human experience and not necessarily something unique that they've been unfairly burdened with.


Urania horoscope saptamanal online dating the story progresses, he falls farther and farther away from how he used to be as a cheerful child who dreamed of becoming a scientist in space.

Though I've always gotten each volume done within about 2 weeks of getting the raws, it clearly wasn't quick enough for many people, and I've even received some hate for "laziness" in not blitzing out releases from the magazine raws.

Life is too precious to spend it making needless arguments in a community that should be the shining example of loving an amazing medium.

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Without thinking, Takao steals the gym clothes and runs back home thinking no one saw his actions. The group of about 6 boys in total is just your average group of male friends who enjoy finding porn magazines, doing tests of courage, and spending their time just trying to enjoy themselves.

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Elementary school, Middle school, High school, and his early 20s. The story of Oyasumi Punpun begins with Punpun in elementary school. So instead of the usual thank-you comments, I would quite appreciate hearing what you thought about the series as a whole or about its ending.

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So what is it about Punpun that's engrossed so many people? Punpun march dating site may be one of the most depressing manga out there, but if you can handle that kind of story as well as many mature themes and some nudity, then I highly recommend Oyasumi Punpun.

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Even when they form relationships, there's always a window, a barrier that prevents them from feeling like they're an active participant of that very relationship instead of a passive receiver. He starts to slowly grow closer to Aiko while at the same time hanging out with friends and just being a normal boy who is entering puberty.

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And this repeats many times at least it did for me over the course of the manga. We have tons of other articles on here that you may like just as much and increase your reading material for some time. As happy as an ending a story of this kind can get. I can imagine the general reception to it being In terms of anime I have watched nearly a thousand shows and have read hundreds of manga series.

He later joins Pegasus' cult.

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I was still quite new to translating, and I had never debinded nor scanned manga myself before. Seki and Shimizu follow kind of a side story for most of the manga. She is an aspiring manga artist who grows to be one of Punpun's close friends. It was not until after I read another manga by the author, Asano Inio, called Nijigahara Holograph, and looked more into what this manga was actually about, that I finally decided to read it.

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Real life people are much simpler than anime characters that each have bold hairstyles, unique weapons, perfect figures, etc. Asano also ascribed these characteristics to the other characters: Their lack of facial features also functions like a blank slate to give room for the reader to project his own imagination on Punpun's emotional state.

With every dark turn in the manga, sales dropped, which Asano regretted because his readers were being alienated. The manga grew to thirteen volumes because Asano wanted to focus on the art and because many characters developed their own side stories.

Look at what kind of depths of reality manga can plumb. What makes this manga so special is the heavy psychological aspects surrounding Punpun and everyone else throughout the story.

6 Manga Like Oyasumi Pun Pun [Recommendations]

Especially with Shimizu who is usually seen with a runny nose he can actually look very intelligent at times despite normally seeming to be the exact opposite.

Of course, these are merely my interpretations and I can only speak for myself. As I mentioned in the very beginning, these characters are not meant to all be likable. Shimizu has a wild imagination and depends on Seki.

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A cult member, she is cruel and abusive to her daughter, and shows signs of having mental instability. Punpun is the kind of person as is often stated who is always looking back into the past and has a hard time looking towards the future.

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As they grow up, they try to stick together but many problems threaten to tear their friendship apart.