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It is important to acknowledge the donor in the tender advertisement. The date that each bid was received should be announced during the opening session and any late bids declared as ineligible.

Three copies of the contract should be printed. A Declaration of Impartiality and Confidentiality See appendix 07 must be signed by every member of the tender evaluation committee during the preparatory meeting.

Tender Files All documentation in relation to the tender process should be filed together. Bids which are submitted in unsealed envelopes must also be disqualified.

The purpose of such an action is to provide learning for any further tenders which may take place.

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This ensures that the bidder is serious and will not back off from the price and delivery schedule. A means of receipt of tender bids and samples if applicable should be agreed at this stage.

No one tender committee member should at any point make direct contact with a tenderer. Technical Representative psopk suppliers tenders dating related to the items being procured 3. Clarification of information in tender bids If clarification is required in relation to any of the bids received, this can be sought in writing from the tenderer.

Under no circumstances should an offer be opened, reviewed or examined, nor should it be defaced in any way, prior to the official opening session. However shitsuji kyoushi no renai jugyou online dating is usually the Logistics Manager.

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The core reason for this meeting is to ensure that all participants of the committee are fully aware of the following issues; The materials or services requested in the tender. Any samples received should be placed in a pre-agreed secure place with a person appointed by the Executive Director given sole access.

Where the interest of the organisation so requires, all bids may be rejected and new ones solicited based on the same or revised specifications.

The committee should check the samples, credentials, references, previous experience, and financial strength of the bidders and then come up with a written evaluation report. The evaluation committee recommends rather than approves the process and the evaluation report must therefore be approved by the person who gave final approval for the Sensitives dating service Request, before progressing to contract stage.

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Likewise, the participation of beneficiaries on tender committees should also be considered and actively encouraged where appropriate to improve the level of accountability in the process. The committee should consist of an odd number of participants, ideally a minimum of three and a suggested composition of the committee could be as follows; 1.

If the tender evaluation committee is unsure what specification of material it requires, it may be worth collecting samples at this stage, agreeing on a minimum specification, and tendering for this minimum standard. A copy of the receipt should be given to the deliverer with a duplicate remaining in the book.

A Tender Receipt Book should be held at reception or in the receiving location in which signatures are recorded. Once the committee has reached to conclusion, it should endeavour to make the physical verification of the existence and capacity of the bidder.

Once the designated person s has completed both the tender advertisement and tender dossier, the tender committee should again meet to agree the content of both the advertisement and the tender dossier. The tender process to be followed.

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As a bare minimum the tender advertisement must be published in at least two national daily newspapers One in English and One in Urdu Proof of advertising in shape of the original newspaper advertisement must be held in the tender file for future audit purposes.

It is important to acknowledge the donor in the tender notice. Tender Evaluation The purpose of evaluation and comparison of offers is to determine which vendor has the lowest price for acceptable specifications and conditions of supply. The committee may however deem that an extension to this period be appropriate in certain circumstances however the same time period must be allowed to all bidders.

The best way to accomplish this is to evaluate the 3 lowest bids in the first lot. Each bid should also be numbered sequentially based on the order in which they have been received.

Also take the signatures of all the bidders present on the occasion on an attendance sheet. How the tender is advertised will depend on whether a local or international procedure is being applied.

Tenders received in unsealed envelopes should be treated in the same way. The tender advertisement should include a tender reference number and this number should be used on every document and form for the remainder of the process.

All correspondence either from or to LNGO in this regard should be kept in the tender file. Steps for Invitation to tender 1.

Tender Opening Session Tender bidders should be invited to attend the tender opening session.

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Finance Department Representative As with Purchase Committees, tender evaluation committee members should be regularly rotated preferably every two months and training should be provided to ensure that members are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities.

Once received, the date and time should be written on the outside of the envelope. The tender evaluation committee must start from the bidder who has quoted the lowest price and gradually work their way up.

Secure holding places should be established such as a safe or secure sealed box for the tender bids and a secure room for any samples received. Interested parties should be given a minimum of 2 weeks to respond from the date of posting the tender advertisement.

Splitting material requirements into different contracts in an attempt to go below the required thresholds and therefore simplify the necessary procedures for either a local or international tender is not permitted.

If however bids are delivered by mail or by courier, these should be entered into the receipt book with the date and time of receipt, and sent back to the tenderer with a note stating that the bid has been disqualified as it was revived during or after the tender opening session.

The tender dossier should firstly comprise of a Letter of Invitation to Tender as per Appendix One all the bids have been announced a print out of the quote evaluation sheet Appendix 3 with the information mentioned above. Logistics Manager or equivalent 2. If only 1 or 2 tender bids have been received and reasonable justification exists to proceed with the tender process, a waiver is required from the donor.

As tendering can be a lengthy process, it is generally far from ideal to cancel and re-start for both LNGO and any bidders to the original tender.

When rejecting any bid, the reasons must be documented in the evaluation report.