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As always, if you have questions, feel free to send it to our Ps2 internet hookupbut it wouldn't hurt to check ps2 internet hookup Online FAQ first. Just connect the component cable to your Playstation 2 and switch box.

Go to control panel, right click your Local Area Connection, and go to Properties.

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However, a computer program called XLink Kai allows users to achieve online play for some PS2 games by using a network configuration that simulates a worldwide LAN ; because of this only games with LAN functionality may be played in this way.

List of PlayStation 2 online games Released inFinal Fantasy XI is the first ever console game to offer cross-platform playconnecting PlayStation 2 and personal computer.

This is the point where the console experience treads dangerously close to the PC gaming realm, where all too often the gamer is thwarted in his aim by some kind of mysterious system error, hardware incompatibility, or act of digital God, causing things to simply Not Work.

Then, connect your phone cable or CAT5 Ethernet cable to the appropriate port on the back of the Adaptor. Enter your information just like you would for your laptop and you should be set. Go to the designated section below for Windows XP or Windows 7, crossover cable or router setup.

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But you will have to swap cables each time you switch. To check do this: Now go to Additional Settings, select Advanced Settings.

You can secure the Adaptor on by tightening the two screws on either side once it's plugged in.

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PC section is done. Power up the PlayStation 3 without any disc in the drive. VGA - If your monitor connects to the computer using a VGA cable, start by disconnecting the monitor from the computer.

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If your monitor normally uses VGA, you only have to change sources on the switch box to change between PS2 and computer: Please go to the PS2 section.

Check the extras or options settings on those games to install or reinstall the network configuration file.

Hooking up Xbox/PS2 Wireless

Video Here is an image showing the common computer plugs in case you are unsure of what you have. Another option is to just unplug the sound cable from your computer and plug it into the VGA box or the PS2.

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I connect the 3 analog cables from the speaker controller to my computer, and a digital optical cable from the controller to my PS2. Make sure you have an ethernet cord connected between router and PC, and another ethernet cord between router and PS2.

PlayStation 2 online functionality

There are five color-coded ports on the switch box that will match the component cable to make it easy. From the Wii Menu select Wii Options. Select New from the menu and press X. Read more about this process here.

At the next screen, select Yesand press X. Below is a screenshot of this process: Computer portion is done. If your sound system has multiple input sources, you can use both digital and analog, and use the sound system controls to switch between them.

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The PS2 will begin testing the network connection. Press X to continue twice after the PS2 searches for and finds the network adapter. North American games feature an "Online" icon in the lower right corner of the cover; on games that do not support dial-up connectivity, "broadband only" is also found on the logo.

It is the blue link as shown in the picture above.

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Now read the tutorials below for your specific operating system, and whether or not you have a cross over cable or a router system. Diagrams Here are some helpful diagrams showing how everything hooks up. For the computer, it can be a little confusing, so I have broken it down into video and audio: