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We gave the new Vita a thorough thrashing and it held up well; we reckon with moderate use the Vita 'Slim' will see you through a day. The Verdict The new PS Vita is a strange beast, in that in some important respects it's not really an upgrade from the old one.

So has this lower quality screen really helped the battery?

PS Vita Slim (PCH) Review: Two Steps Forwards, One Step Backwards | Gizmodo UK

Originally launched in Decemberps vita slim review uk dating Vita left gamers a little a cold. It's a real shame as the original Vita display brought a truly mesmerising experience, however the LCD screen is still pretty good. It's much easier on the wrists for extended gaming sessions.

We'd still recommend you get yourself at least a 16GB card, especially if you've signed up to PS Plus and want to take advantage of the free games on offer every month.

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This handheld console has had a New Year makeover and hits stores today. Now Sony is hoping for another success with the new PS Vita. If you want to play multiplayer games or browse the store away from a Wi-Fi hotspot, you're going to have to hunt down one of the original 3G models.

Should You Buy It? This has been replaced by a lower spec LCD display. In fact, it's sort of the opposite.

PS Vita Slim Dated and Priced for UK, No Word on North America | The Escapist

But if you're on the fence and don't have a PS4, it's not quite a must-have, and won't be until it can find at least a couple of games to match the majesty of Nintendo's best moments.

It feels very futuristic to be able to beam a next-gen game to a handheld, and there was no significant input lag in my testing. It makes it much easier to stomach taking the Vita with you on long journeys, or just on the commute, now you don't have to pack an extra cable.

A Wi-Fi-enabled handheld games console with a 5-inch x touchscreen, twin sticks, a rear touchpad and the ability to play nicely alongside the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles. If you want one ps vita slim review uk dating the original Vitas, though, you'd better snap one up now.

IPS ahoy! (in the UK)

We've been dating someone with mild ocd disorder pounding on the new Vita since last weeks launch - so how does it feel? Although the screen has been downgraded, it still offers a good visual experience and you now get the added battery boost.

Plus, in Japan at least, there are six different colours available. The old one feels cumbersome and heavy in comparison. Let's just agree that no one should upgrade from the original Vita to this, outside of basic completist's bravado.

The only issue with the new Vita is its price. But if you're not?

Build and design

There is one aesthetic change that some may not like: The reduced thickness of the device makes it no less comfortable, even for someone with big hands like me, with the smaller rear touchpad making it easier to find a comfortable grip.

Whichever you choose, however, you'll be getting a very decent gaming machine, that's for sure. Now it's available for gamers Stateside too. Comparably-sized microSD cards are less than half those prices.

You're Good to Go! Apps, such as Facebook and Skype, can be downloaded from the PS Store, and are represented by circular orbs alongside games on a series of vertically-swiping homescreens.

Latest Reviews

Tragic Flaw Far more than the screen, that 1GB of storage space is terribly disappointing. While we've had a Vita Slim in the UK office for only a few hours, early impressions are that it indeed feels much lighter than the previous model, which should result in less arm fatigue over longer gaming sessions.

The range of indie games is improving all the time but still lacks hits like Fez and Minecraft, and while the range of PSP titles to download is wide, that library isn't exactly resplendent in golden memories either.

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It really opens the console up to a bigger variety of use cases. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? We do like the sound of extra battery life, especially for long-haul flights, and the 1GB of storage for pick up and play without a card, but the trade-off might be too much for picture purists.

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The plastic is body shiny and hard to love, and almost every neat detail of the heavy, but stunning original is lost to the gods of mass production and price cuts.

Remote Play is hampered by the rear touchpad.

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Secondly - and on a related note - the new Vita drops the old proprietary power cable for a standard Micro USB charger, which for a mobile device is an absolute godsend.

While the breadth of smartphone gaming content is wider, and the Nintendo 3DS game library is a little more consistent in its quality, the Vita has its hits too.

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People that want to be able to play home console-quality games on the go, and turn their noses up at the prospect of a smartphone as a credible gaming platform.

The rejigged version of the PlayStation handheld has been available in Japan since the end of last year and in Britain from 7 February. Both are equally sharp and bright, with games looking smooth in action.

Stocks of the old model are not being replenished at retail, so you'll likely have just a few months to pick one up before they're gone. Third, the new Vita is much lighter and thinner and that does make a difference when it's a device you're supposed to be carrying around - if not in your pocket, then at least in your bag.

But more than just the screen, the new handheld just feels cheaper, compared to the old metal-and-glass Vita. If you fancy one of these handheld gaming machines it's a tricky decision between old and new. Headline features include a 20 percent slimmer body, a 6-hour battery life, rounded edges, and 1GB of internal storage.

Gamers who hate 3D, and by extension, the Nintendo 3DS.

PS Vita 'Slim' Review: Is Sony's Latest Handheld Console Really An Upgrade?

The PS Vita Slim has 1GB of storage space in-built, so you can technically play any physically bought games from the off. Then there's the bigger question - should you buy a Vita at all? Storage The original PS Vita doesn't have any storage capacity of note, so you need to buy an official Sony Vita Memory Card to play many of the games available - even if you've bought the physical copy.

They both have a x pixel resolution, but initial reports of the display on the Slim model - based on its Japanese debut - are that colours are not as vivid and, because of the presence of a backlight, blacks aren't as deep.

Sony hope to continue the upward trend with this tweaked device, nicknamed the Vita 'Slim'.

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Sony's continued reliance on expensive and proprietary memory cards for the Vita is an annoying anachronism and should have been ditched.