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Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee are the Latest High Profile K-star Couple Posted on by ockoala There have been some big big name Korean entertainment dating reveals this past twelve months, and today we add another newly minted power couple to the mix.

Set during a Vogue Korea photo shoot, Kim gets upset in the film over a remark by a staffer that men don't find skinny women like her attractive, as compared to her more voluptuous costar Kim Ok-bin.

Korean tabloid Dispatch snapped pictures of them out on a date so they clearly wanted to own up to the relationship without being outed.

Min-hee Kim

She's got no fear and is always confident. She became a popular young star at barely 20 years old, appearing in TV dramas and movies.

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Back then he was the A-list actor and she was a newbie model-actress, but I actually enjoy watching Kim Min Hee onscreen quite a lot. In she was cast in the campus drama School 2 as a rebellious high school girl, which launched her to stardom.

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Unlike the typical romantic comedy, the relationship drama told a more realistic story of an on-and-off couple of three years. Turns out Kim Min Hee and Jo In Sung did a clothing photoshoot over a decade ago when they both started out, so I posted a picture of young and fresh-faced them below for comparison.

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I also think they are older and more established actors so its probably expected by even their craziest fans that they should be pursuing long term relationship possibilities.

This seriously came as far out of left field as when news first leaked that Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung were secretly dating or when earlier this year Kim Tae Hee and Rain were caught out on a date and had to come clean.

Kim Min Hee

This couple went public without any denials though a variety of factors played into it. The relationship is in its early stages as they started dating at the start of this year and are taking it slow since both are so busy with work. Vowing to start over from the bottom, Kim went through strict acting training which included basic vocal and respiratory exercises; she got a hold of the script before anyone else, and continued to analyze the role and practice everyday.

However, a string of poor acting performances brought her negative criticism. I often feel a tremendous sense of achievement and really enjoy doing this job.

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She was rarely nervous throughout the production. Kim played an aspiring screenwriter in her twenties who's agonizing over her insecure career and shaky romance with a deadbeat musician boyfriend.

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Kim said that until Goodbye Solo, she hadn't been sure what to do with the rest of her life, but the drama made her feel that acting was her true calling, like she'd "finally opened up the first page of the textbook.

If anyone claims to have shipped those two in real life, I challenge you to take a leap of faith to verify that you are not telling a fib.

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Critics and viewers disparagingly called her an "attractive but blank actress," more famous for being a fashion icon and actor Lee Jung-jae 's then-girlfriend. She said she had absolute trust in director Byun Young-joo and never even checked the monitors, [11] and Byun was likewise complimentary, saying, "I ended up adding more scenes for her to act because she was just exceptional.

She knew what she was doing, and knew she was able to pull it off.

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Poor Rain even got in trouble for leaving the base to go woo his girl, heh. Career[ edit ] Kim Min-hee began modeling when she was in middle school, and soon appeared as a cover girl in teen magazines. In JuneKim was reported to be having an affair with Hong Sang-soothe director of the film Right Now, Wrong Thenin which she starred as the lead actress in