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Deng personally attacked Wang for being "wildly presumptuous", and accused him of five "major mistakes", including a belief that Chinese socialism was "feudal or semi-feudal in essence". She answered the door. He retired some time ago. In a presumptuous manner; arrogantly.

I hope that wasn't presumptuous. Compare I'm reading a book. To make a reply or response to. Without them it would be presumptuous to posit whether this was a murder or a tragic accident.

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With a superlative, it and that superlative refer to one object. A definition is a concise explanation of the meaning of a word, phrase or symbol.

A particle used for marking the following verb as an infinitive. Reckless daring; presumptuous impudence; -- implying a contempt of law or moral restraints.

Used to separate dimensions when describing the size of something. Since the unisex pronoun in English is the same as the male pronoun he, him, hisone can get confused very quickly when referring to someone whose gender you do not know. Reply to an email. Near or next to.

To correspond to; to be in harmony with; to be in agreement with. Unduly confident; arrogant; presumptuous; conceited. That was a bit presumptuous, wasn't it? To err is human. Indicates the amount of some progression With a change of. I hope you didn't find my invitation presumptuous. You are the most self-involved, presumptuous person I have ever met, ever.

To suit a need or purpose satisfactorily. Other translations So please don't think me presumptuous when I hope that you might find me as Includes tens of thousands of topical, encyclopedic, dictionary, and commentary entries all linked to verses, fully searchable by topic or verse reference.

Why is the door shut? Arrogance, or taking things for granted. Can you help us? What is the definition of 'you'? The room was about 4 foot by 6 foot. We will send it by the first week of July. There is no simple answer to curbing corruption.

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Having an excess of assurance; bold to a fault; dogmatical; impudent; presumptuous. And since it's not widly known that the male pronoun is also considered a universal pronoun, people would think you presumptuous when saying "he. Done with hold design, rash confidence, or in violation of known duty; willful.

Indicates the cause of a condition or event Through the action of, caused by, responsibility for; by dint of.

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Full of presumption; presuming; overconfident or venturesome; audacious; rash; taking liberties unduly; arrogant; insolent; as, a presumptuous commander; presumptuous conduct. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.

She is tall for a third-grader. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of be. A diminutive, insignificant, or presumptuous person.

Should he do the task, it is vital that you follow him.

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Everyone, Chris can help you now. We crawled forward by inches. What is the definition the? He is a doctor. Well, it's a little presumptuous but Unduly confident; irreverent with respect to sacred things.

I'm reading the book. If I say that I will visit you at some time in the future, that is not a definite time. Definite grammatical article that implies necessarily that an entity it articulates is presupposed ; something already mentioned, or completely specified later in that same sentence, or assumed already completely specified.

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Alexander Pope To be, or not to be: It is easy to invert a 2 by 2 matrix. There are many well-known plays by William Shakespeare.

What is the definition of 'answer'? The word 'Definition' refers to a statement that describes themeaning of a word, term, phrase, or a group of symbols, commonlyknown as the definiendum. The boat was swamped by the water.

The quality of being presumptuous or rashly confident; groundless confidence; arrogance; irreverent boldness or forwardness. My steak is cold. To the lender it is an investment with long term Such a presumptuous claim is legally void and morally impermissible.

It is not correct grammar, because it is not a group of people to whom you're referring - it's a single person. We'll go with you to the game. Our stock is up by ten percent. Pretentious; taking much upon one's self; presumptuous.