PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Owner&#;s Manual Page: 1 PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Owner&#;s Manual Page: 1

Presonus audiobox itwo hook up, presonus audiobox™ itwo studio

It took roughly 10 minutes of single-track recording to decrease the iPad battery by one percent.

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Its only major drawback is the inability to use external plug-ins and Rewire in other software. Hit the Share button on your iPad, select the computer you want to share it with and, in a jiff, the session loads up as advertised in Studio One.

Get the latest issue now! Presonus has attempted to make putting together a first home recording set-up a no-brainer with its iTwo Studio - a package that puts together audio interface, headphones, microphone, leads and software in a single box.

PreSonus AudioBox™ iTwo Studio

But welcome, because the iTwo can double as a quality audio output for your iPad synths. Just make sure you choose the right model. As seen in presonus audiobox itwo hook up photo, this particular model of their i Series has a single pre-amp input, an instrument level on the front and a huge volume knob for easy access.

Which is neat for podcasters and simple demos.

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All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more. You can presonus audiobox itwo hook up, split and duplicate regions, easily undo or redo, set levels and pan, and create loop points for nailing that part.


At that rate, you could record for over 16 hours straight. By Sean One of our favorite interface makers, PreSonushas come out naija dating site for sugar mummy malaysia a very solid pair of audio interfaces.

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Otherwise, if you plan on only recording one thing at a time and can hook your MIDI controller straight up to your rig without the use of an interface, this will suffice.

But with onboard MIDI, it makes itself useful for live performance too, and the wireless transfer function is more than just a gimmick.

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For the price, the iTwo was always going to be good value as a multi-purpose two-channel interface. It makes a great podcasting setup, especially if you already carry around an iPad anyway.


The preamps are good for this level; recording bass through the DI input retained plenty of low end, and guitars were fine too.

The HD7 headphones are comfortable and semi-closed, so are fine for recording next to a mic as well as extended general listening. Easy way to get started.

Though the iTwo does pass on any leftover power, trickle charging your iPad to keep it going.

Live audio to DAW, Presonus Audiobox iTwo? - Privia Pro PX-5S - Casio Music Forums

The M7 mic is a large diaphragm condenser so is the right type for vocals and plenty of other instruments, although it's basic in facilities and doesn't come with a suspension cradle or pop shield. It will get a beginner started, but for more serious work we'd be looking to upgrade at some point.

For iPad recording Presonus recommends its free Duo Capture stereo recording app, while on a computer you get its Studio One Artist digital audio workstation DAW software for Mac and Windows which offers more features than the basic free version including 28 plug-ins as opposed to nine.

The outputs are really clear, with plenty of gain on the headphone amp.


But Presonus offers upgrades at decent prices if you want to move up the Studio One food chain. With those, unlimited tracks and four included virtual instruments, there's certainly enough there to build up some quite decent productions without embarking on the upgrade path to the Producer and Professional versions.

Buying separate items from various manufacturers will give you more choice but may cost you more headscratching and more money, so this represents a convenient starting point. Shares Our Verdict If you want a quick and easy start in computer-based recording you'll find it in this competitively-priced package.

Home recording starter pack

Another highlight PreSonus really emphasizes with the i Series is the compatibility with iPads. On the upside, the only accoutrements required for power are an extra USB cable and the charging pack that comes with your iPad — no extra powerpack to carry around.

All you need to do is make sure both devices are logged into the same wireless network, and Studio One is open on your computer.

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The verdict of the AudioBox iOne It works as intended, and the quality of sound is actually quite impressive for the price. So while not having to plug in iPad power would have made this a neat mobile package, you still have to.

By taking the bones of its already successful two-channel Audiobox range and adding an iOS connection, Presonus has doubled its flexibility. Forget buffer settings, just dial in a comfortable balance between computer playback and input source for zero latency monitoring.

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Right in the middle of the unit is the mix control typical of small interfaces. But the real benefit of using Capture is that ability to wirelessly transfer your sessions straight into a copy of Presonus Studio One to polish them off.

Capture Duo is suitably easy to use, and well set out.

PreSonus AudioBox iOne Audio Interface Review - The Wire Realm

Even absolutely cranking the gain to max to record a falsetto part on the low-output SM7, there was hardly any noticeable noise — quite impressive actually.

Cons You'll need a better microphone at some point. Individual gain control pots give you 52dB of gain, and a single button switches on 48V phantom power for both channels.

One nifty feature is the ability to easily change whether a track is mono or stereo without diving into menus or re-creating the track — a nice flow-over from Studio One. If you use an iPad to make tunes, this thing is exceptional for work flow Lastly, they have an OK software bundle included with the package.

We had a chance to go over the main features and specifications of the AudioBox iOne audio interface and were very happy with the overall functionality and stability of it.

A huge plus for your work flow. Overall it performs well and provides all the features and connectivity any starting recordist and many of those beyond beginner status would need, including L and R outputs to connect to a monitoring system, headphone output and a useful mix knob to set the balance between the sound at the input and the playback sound, allowing latency-free monitoring.