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The Council is concerned about the situation concerning human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran and in particular regrets that the situation of the Baha'i community in Iran has not improved.

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I am sorry that it has not thought about public opinion. Few have taken up this aspect. Mr President, both the question and the answer have perturbed me somewhat. You know when Mugabe is worried: My Group is very concerned about the developments that are under way in the Council. As you well know, I am very sensitive to and very concerned at the situation in the Great Lakes countries and, more especially, by what is happening in eastern Congo.

Unfortunately, European Union governments have paid too little attention to this issue until now. The Council continues to be gravely concerned at the situation in Somalia and off its coast.

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As far as Chechnya is concerned, however, I am worried. I have checked this very carefully. I remain worried about the whole operation of the judicial process.


The head of the Belgian Police Federation has said that he is concerned. Hookup sites that really work am concerned by those comments. I therefore made a great effort to incorporate all the institutions in my report.

My group is particularly concerned with this question. Nevertheless, I am very anxious about the way this is going and the resistance that is met along the way.

This page is powered by the Spanish Sentences Builder Listed below are some of the most common sentences viewed on this site: The Council remains seriously concerned at the situation in Belarus.

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That is why Commissioner Liikanen's observation left me troubled, more troubled than I already was. That is also why I am not especially concerned. Debido a una fractura en el pie, estaba preocupado por no poder expresarme oralmente. I was recently contacted by a constituent concerned about the situation of political prisoners of the Cuban Government.

I am very concerned and unhappy about this answer from the Council.

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La pregunta complementaria del Sr. I myself am greatly concerned, Mr Watts, by the underspending. I was concerned in case my fractured foot prevented me from speaking.

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If the Guardian is worried, Mr President-in-Office, we are right to be ten times as worried. Just you go home and say: No son muchos los que se han preocupado de este aspecto. Mr Posselt, I am really concerned today because we are going to have a delay of three quarters of an hour.

I am in favour of scientific research, but I am worried.

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Mr Callanan, I am extremely concerned about this very serious attack on British tradition, and it will be duly discussed. Some Members' speeches today really have got me worried.

Estoy preocupado por esos comentarios. However, I am deeply concerned about the situation of political prisoners in Cuba and I therefore urge the Council and the Commission to take effective measures necessary for the release of political prisoners and to support and ensure their work as protectors of human rights.

Parliament is concerned about this. Parliament is concerned about this; we are concerned about it; European public opinion is deeply troubled by it.

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The Council is also concerned about the situation of the persons of Ahwazi origin, including the fate of Mr al-Mansouri, whose case was raised with the Iranian authorities in August The Council continues to be deeply concerned by the situation in Chechnya, where violence continues and the humanitarian situation continues to be very worrying at the onset of winter.

I am also concerned by a lack of consistency. Sigo preocupado por el funcionamiento en conjunto del proceso judicial. I am worried about the security situation in Afghanistan, however.

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Parliament is particularly concerned about the situation in Belarus. The Council stated that it was nevertheless concerned about the situation of human rights in a number of subject areas in Uzbekistan and urged the authorities of that country to implement their international obligations fully in that regard.

Aunque por lo que concierne a Chechenia estoy preocupado.