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By default, only one data field is displayed. Perfect your listening experience by adjusting the sound settings of your car and speakers to your personal preferences thanks to the band Graphical EQ, built-in Auto EQ and Time Alignment.

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The following preset search categories appear, Using the keyboard, start entering the all for searching around the current position name of the place. Thus, the infor- mation may not correspond with a certain traffic regulation when your vehicle actually passes through the location in question.

The result list will be ordered by the distance from this position. Touch this field to see details of the operations, refer to Screen switching overview on page Select the area around which the POIs should be searched for. Touch and drag the map in the desired direction to scroll.

Monitoring The Gps Reception Quality Chapter How to use the navigation menu screens p When entering text, the first character appears in upper case while the rest of the text is in lower case.

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Browsing The Data Field Chapter How to use the map Browsing the data field Display during freeway driving The data fields are different when you are navi- gating the current route and when you have In certain locations of the freeway, lane infor- no specified destination the orange line is not mation is available, indicating the recom- displayed.

Touch [More] to modify route parameters. Accommodation or touch [List All Places]. Smart Zoom Your navigation system features "Smart Zoom" that works in two ways: Your navigation system starts the route guidance. The previous screen returns.

Pioneer AVIC Cable

Searching for a location by entering the by entering the city center. Page 32 Chapter Searching for and selecting a location Finally, the results appear in a list.

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Searching for POIs by categories You by their categories and subcategories. Gold-plated RCAs deliver the best possible sound quality, while high-grade audio functions, such as the band Graphic EQ, built-in Auto EQ and TA provide tailored adjustments specifically for your car and speaker set-up.

Freeway exit services p Map scaling has a limit in 3D map view mode.

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Display the "Navigation Menu" screen. You can also search Pioneer AVIC-U Installation Manual - Page 26 map Browsing the data field The data fields are different when you are navigating the current route and when you have no specified destination a complex intersection and the needed information exists, the map is replaced with a 3D view of the junction.

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Touch this field to see all Keep left. The navigation system calculates the route.

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And thanks to its intuitive interface and customisable button and screen settings smooth and safe operation on-the-go are guaranteed. By default, only one data field is displayed.

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Setting a route the list returns. Scroll the list and touch the place you p When a route has not been set and any of want.

Pioneer AVIC-U260 Manual

Searching For A Location By Address Chapter Searching for and selecting a location p Some information regarding traffic regula- Touch [City] and enter the name of the tions depends on the time when the route city on the keyboard. Select one or more hazard types if the vehicle carries dangerous material.

You need to become familiar with how information appears on the map. Thanks to the dual camera inputs you can hook up two cameras optional instead of one. Combining smart connectivity as well as hi-res audio and video entertainment, it will navigate you through traffic like a pro.

Set the actual weight of the vehicle. The previous desti- ing in the vehicle.

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Touch [More] to modify route parameters. Display the map screen. Searches for a place around the destination of the current route. Entering a latitude and longitude pinpoints the location.