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They next move on to face Maguro, who challenges Kujira to an arm wrestling match. She soon becomes unnerved about the presence of Penguin, and when Kujira deflects a kick from Cha Chi, she feels betrayed and runs off. However, due to a misunderstanding by Cha Chi, the letter gets destroyed and the message unintelligible.

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The title is a parody of Back to the Future. Kujira eventually defeats her, but not giving up, Chi decides to enrol in the school. Christian music dating takes off from there into a series of crazy misadventures revolving around Sakura, her family, and her classmates.

Keep your prospective partner wanting more by merely hinting at what is to come and don't start things off by introducing yourself and signing off at the end like a letter 2. When she answers questions wrong, she gets weights dropped on her head, causing it to bleed. - Free Online Games

Anonymous browsing helps prevent data mining which keeps your data and identity secret. Excited that Nene is revealed to be a shrine maiden, naturally appealing to her otaku side, Penguin offers to help Nene out at the shrine, but makes even more mistakes.

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However, behind the scenes, Black Rose is preparing an imitation Sakura. Fill the linked form if you: You may also like. She asks a bunch of questions that only Penguin is allowed to answer, and since she can't read kanji she can't even cheat.

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The title is a reference to Kannazuki no Miko. Both teams receive love from their respective friends to grow to an enormous size, and the match ends with the city demolished and Penguin the victor.

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Penguin decides to compete against Kujira for school council president, forcing her to wear Takenoko cosplay if she loses.

They are on-topic and relevant Anime related. The title is a reference to Space Runaway Ideon. June 21, Kare Ijuin challenges the girls to a skirt flipping competition in order to escape from the cage, and with a foul swoop instantly knocks out Penguin, Kujira and Cha Chi. Unfortunately, it turns everyone except Kujira, who didn't eat one, into catgirls, who proceed to 'attack' the other students.

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Gankutsuou (sub)

Penguin is given keycards from Cha and Kare, and she vows to stop Kurobara Communications and rescue Mary, whilst Kujira finally gets the courage to go help her. However, Nene helps her out and the two work together to take Aki down using Cha's ultimate technique.

To cheer her up, the four knights hold a small party for her birthday. Just as Penguin is being bombarded by Black Rose's whip, Kujira comes to the rescue. Due to a fluke, she gets elected as her class' Student Council President.

NSFW in this case, refers to ecchi. Whitebear, who has built a giant building next to the Nankyoku building.

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April 26, As Kujira has trouble with her father thinking she's a boy, Cha Chi returns from China issuing a challenge to her. Just then, a scream is heard. Combining their strengths, they place a direct punch on Black Rose, only to find her behind them in a dark aura.

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Cha Chi however refuses to listen to Kujira's revelation that she is in fact a girl and continues to fight. They eventually find Penguin on a balcony on a tree, which turned out to be her plan to find the best spot to watch the fireworks, pleasing Kaede a lot.

Eight years ago, when Kujira was under the assumption she was a boy, she made a promise with Cha Chi that if she could defeat her in a duel, she would become her husband. However, since the mansion is made of ice, is collapses.

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