New Panache Sculptresse Liberty Balconnet Bra in Deep Lilac | eBay New Panache Sculptresse Liberty Balconnet Bra in Deep Lilac | eBay

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Available in pretty multi-colored blush panache sculptresse flirtini drink, May collection comes as a set of full cup bra and full brief, featuring feminine and delicate orchid print on a polka dot background for a feminine style.

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Described as a balconnet bra that is also underwired and non-padded. Not only did it make me appreciate the amount of correct information there is now, but it also made me grateful that I have been sized correctly and can shop for bras in the comfort of my own home.

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It does not bode well for a line when half of the planned styles are cut months before their release. The briefs were equally comfortable and they really gave me that "I am fabulous" feeling that new underwear so often does.

Panache Sculptrese

As you can probably see, it lifts nicely and has an appealing shape. I've had the bra for a while now and wear it regularly, but I don't reach for it as often as other bras. Paradise is a very refreshing bra, design-wise. The style of bra is similar to my beloved Chi Chi which is available in a new colour way this season, and although this is a balconette and the Chi Chi is a full cup they are both quite substantial which suits my breast shape.

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However, the same problem applied for me, my boobs need a little more discipline and direction in their life. The matching knickers fit wonderfully and feel amazingly comfortable. This blog post contains affiliate links. By Sarahhhp SarahhhP A few weeks ago I was contacted and asked if I would like to try one of the beautiful lingerie sets from the new Sculptresse range at Panache.

The fabric on panache sculptresse flirtini drink top only works for me because of my tall roots, but if you're very full-on-bottom it will likely wrinkle and not lay correctly.

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Yet again, the guys at Panache have scored big points, I love this design, it's just so cute, and well, flirty. But I still have issues with the cup sliding down under the inframammary fold probably exacerbated by the 36 band, but also it's might be a lack of projection in the cup?

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Ts eliot four quartets online dating rise is in a strange state of being neither high nor low and hits a fairly awkward spot on my stomach.

It well and truly lives up to its name!

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The most obvious is that rich, deep purple color, as well as the vibrant tropical-inspired print and floral lace. Offering everyday comfort and great coverage for a seamless finish Other two collections among the new Spring look of the label include Bellise and Rosie, which available in prints and solid hues.


As for Masquerade, I rarely have the opportunity to see the line in the store because the price point is high, and when I had the chance at Curves, I was smitten. So like I said in the Flirtini review, I have found that Panache's Sculptresse line works quite well for me despite having to sister size to a higher band I believe I heard that they're adding 34 bands next season?

Panache Sculptresse - Flirtini. All in all, I was thoroughly impressed and will definitely be picking up some more lovely pieces from Panache in the near future after discovering how lovely they are and being super happy with the quality provided. I would love to try more Sculptresse styles in the future, they're doing some great work despite my issues with this set.

As I mentioned when I discussed Fantasie and Fauve, upscale lingerie looks amazing. I'm once again impressed by Sculptresse's ability to make bras that are ostensibly 'full coverage' but are still sexy and intriguing to look at.

An underwired, non-padded, everyday bra that is undetectable under clothes. I have no issues with the gore or wires poking uncomfortable. Have you tried any pieces from Panache? Throughout the day and in different positions seated, lounging, etc.

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The line just kind of arrived with very little fanfare, a less than auspicious beginning, especially from a brand many regard as an industry leader in this space.

I'm in love with the butterfly print and the Escher-esque butterfly-to-geometric-pattern effect, especially with the sheer fabric. Have any lingerie addicts tried the Panache Sculptresse range?

The fit, as I've come to expect from Panache, is fantastic. We're really settling into the new place and it feels like home already. They're just as pretty design-wise as the bra, but the leg holes for some reason seemed a bit tight and squeeze my flesh in a way that's both unappealing and a bit uncomfortable.

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As a result, when I saw all of the cancellations, my heart sunk. But I also like that this bra is available in up to a 46 band size, which is definitely in the plus size range for lingerie.

Like my Flirtini review, I've found the wires on Paradise to also be in that sweet spot where they aren't stabbing or pinching me in the pits. Slightly different from moulded T-shirt bra of Pure collection, with similar design, Pure Lace collection features a non-padded bra which gives a seamless appearance in core colors of black and nude and a summery light coral.

This bra is quite comfortable. The collection offers sizes ranging from a D to a J cup, band sizes 36 to 46, which plus model Whitney Thompson was chosen as the face of a fun and flirty campaign to promote the new collection. Casual fireplace leaning action However, I did manage to snap a picture of the gorgeous bridal basque from Masquerade on the model: September Despite the success of Elomi in the store, I have been keenly watching the Panache Sculptresse line because many of the non-plunge Elomi bras have a wider center gore and frame.

As for the co-ordinating deep brief, it offers a good level of coverage for a comfortable fit with print center front panel that flatters curves with a feminine bow trim for a delicate finishing touch. This bra is also available at Figleaves and HerRoomalbeit for considerably more although still on sale.

Panache Sculptresse Flirtini Midi Brief

I like the Paradise bra for a few reasons. However, I would have liked for them to not only expand the cup sizes of the ChiChi and Paradise but also to have offered a basic model.

Once the set arrived, I decided to test drive it straight away with a full day of wear. I was honestly pretty bummed by these briefs no pun intended? At a 36F bra size, I often find it hard to discover pretty pieces like these - the majority of nice bits I see always seem to cater more towards smaller cup sizes, and as a curvy lady with a bigger bust I have found myself on more than one occasion - a little jealous of the choices other people have.

Panache Plus Size Lingerie Spring 2014 Sculptresse Collection

If so, what did you think of it? The pieces are designed to be like your second skin in an ultra-soft, microfiber fabric, perfect for everyday wear. Along with high waisted brief in delicate lace with power mesh.

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If you are looking for soft, non-padded bras then these two are definitely for you. I always size up to a 22 in knickers as I like them to cover my tummy and bum more, I find that anything high waisted looks a lot more flattering on my shape anyway.