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Oscar Isaac joins ‘Bourne’ reboot with Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton

Between 'action' and 'cut', that's mine. One-hundred percent of the proceeds go to charity - that's unheard of. To be a part of something that does shed light on this horror that occurred is very special. He had quite an impassive face with a melancholic stare on it.

Personal Quotes 10 [on modeling his title character in Inside Llewyn Davis persona] For the character I thought a lot about the comedy of resilience. And then, on top of of everything the character is, I was learning that repertoire of music, which I wasn't familiar with.

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In particular, in watching the deeply moving final scene, her going calmly to her death amidst the jeering mob, I could not help but strongly recall Jesus Christ on his own way to Golgotha". In high school he played in punk bands and later became lead singer of his own band, the Blinking Underdogs.

As Michael and Ana get closer, war breaks out and the three find themselves in the middle of a terrifying situation. They don't put any impositions on you or come in with any kind of idea in particular that they want you to do.

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It was an intense process but I love the music, and I'd been playing them times a day, so playing them 30 was fine.

He would later play the titular villain in X-Men: I found swords and sandals, some unexpected opinions about sex, and a great deal more. The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Started acting in small local play in Miami at Area Stage Company.

Unlike most toga movies, it doesn't rely on CGI spectacle, but real drama and ideas. Philip Grey wrote a positive review of the film and strongly recommended it: In a relationship with director Elvira Lind as of In Aprilhe became a father for the first time, to a baby boy, at age Likewise, John often asks Oscar for his input in any plays that he is producing and thus tends to get a thank you credit in the playbill.

Buster Keaton was someone that came to superhero speed dating cast iron. I'd say I definitely found the character through the music.

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Till this day, he has a good relationship with owner and manager John Rodaz Sr. Lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in an apartment that he renovated himself. No matter how big the production is, that's still my space. Studied acting at Juilliard.

Isaac's family settled in the U. Not that the director invented the formula of placing a love triangle in the middle of adversity, but he showed that it could be extraordinarily profitable — and movies from Pearl Harbor to Pompeii have tried desperately to replicate the package.

Die Erinnerung bleibt ] My approach was to immerse myself in the history of the time. It was an incredible, joyous process - even though it's quite heavy material. Actor Charles Thake Hesiquius suffered minor facial injuries on the set when he collided with extras running during a scene.

He has a son with his wife, Danish director Elvira Lind.

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Little boys, as children, seeing their grandmother bayonetted by the gendarmes, or their mothers and sisters crucified - horrible atrocities! I did feel some responsibility to try and tell their story. To read that 1. Apocalypseas the mutant supervillain Apocalypse.

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Those are the real heroes of the movie. That's a sacred place. Oscar's maternal grandfather was of French origin. Oscar was raised in Miami, Florida.

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There's room to play. I get obsessed with that kind of stuff. No objections were reported and Vatican officials assisted in some of the religious depictions. He started to research astronomy and came across Cosmos: Worked as an orderly at the same hospital as his doctor-father.

Before he became an actor, he played lead guitar and sang vocals in his band the Blinking Underdogs.

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That was the most interesting part of it, but the cast they put together, and the fact that all of the proceeds will go to charity. Basically the next day [my agent said] we got these offers now.

Then the project became really, really intriguing, because we realized that we could make a movie about the past while actually making a movie about the present. Hypatia as depicted in the film is firmly opposed to what, in her time and at her city, is offered—or rather, imposed by brute force—under the name of 'Christianity'.

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It also helps that the Armenian genocide is a relatively unexplored period of history and makes for a horrifying backdrop. Sometimes I would smoke a bunch of cigarettes and drink a bunch of beer before the take. I wanted to show astronomy and those who study it in the most appealing way.

The film was produced by Fernando Bovaira, with Telecinco Cinema as the primary producer along with Mod Producciones, Himenoptero, and Sogecable as co-producers. Now you're bona fide, kid. He was an avid fan and collector of X-Men comics growing up.

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Die Erinnerung bleibt ] It was an educational process for me because to my great shame I didn't know about the Armenian Genocide before and I think, unfortunately, a lot of us in this country and in the West and all around the world have been purposefully kept in the dark about it.

Has been playing guitar since he was twelve. For me, the biggest help was videos and recordings of survivors, who would recount what they witnessed. Denial review — Rachel Weisz makes heavy weather of Holocaust courtroom drama Read more Hotel Rwanda director Terry George has found himself another devastating, and far less covered, genocide to focus on, but in order to warrant the extravagant scale, a romantic trio has been placed front and centre.

In the English version, [it is] taken from the King James version of the Bible. As ofhas never appeared in a Best Picture Oscar nominated film. In Washington Square Park, it was amazing because there was all this music, but the drummers hated the bluegrass guys, who hated the folk guys who hated the jazz guys [fighting] over their square inches.

He was expelled from private grade school Westminster Christian due to various pranks and instances of misbehavior such as setting off a fire extinguisher in a gym and defacing a mural to make other kids laugh. To this day, there's an active denial of it.

Child's mother is his partner Elvira Lind. Share via Email The Promise Photograph: Her boyfriend is the fiery Chris Christian Balean American journalist reporting on the growing tensions between Turkey and Armenia.

They're so generous - not only with their time, but with stories about these people that they've worked with and artists they admire.