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The city center might be overcrowded and numerous pickpockets operate there. It is also not recommended to be out alone at night or in the early hours of the morning.

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Terrorism is a worldwide threat. It is worth being vigilant, do not leave your valuables unattended.

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It is supposed to be the most colorful city on the continent. However, it is better to avoid this neighborhood.

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The best thing is to keep clear of them. The city is divided into 2 parts: Surfing fans, fishing fans and families in search of a delightful holiday will be astonished by the Golden Mile a stretch of beachfront due to its blend of pristine beauty and modern resort.

Therefore, we advise avoiding any dark or deserted areas.

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SafeAround advises do not place any valuables in your luggage. Track the news and keep away from this area in case of any unrest, as it may turn violent.

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Do not venture alone in shady neighborhoods of large cities, or isolated villages. Luggage theft does occur at the airport. No likely than any tourist will turn out there.

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It is the rich city of trade with fashionable resorts. Durban is widely known as the main South African beach city.

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It is the area between downtown and the port. Slums and other no go areas: Do not venture to the back and side roads of the hotels. Its is famous for its oriental bazars and golden beaches.

Johannesburg Durban is the 3rd largest city in South Africa and a tremendous port.


Due to safety and concerns, the use of minibus taxis is not recommended. Other areas of concern: Japanese Gardens — due to the high crime rate in this area, U. Be vigilant, and do not leave your belongings unattended.

Kennedy Road — a shack settlement known for its regular violent protests.

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Consulate in Durban prohibits employees from going to these Gardens. So, if you exercise a high degree of caution and avoid the troubled areas, your vacation in sunny Durban might only be spoiled by petty theft at the airport or at the beach.

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These vehicles are in poor condition, drivers drive erratically. The best solution is to wait for another car or try to bypass using the roadside. Scam incidents can be reported on the following telephone number: Do not accept any help at the ATM from strangers.

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Children living on the streets might be a concern. However, the safety level depends on the district. However, in the dark time of the day crime rates are significantly higher, thus we advise refraining from visiting any areas at night.

Many of them carry knives, act unpredictable, sniff glue and consume alternative cheap drugs. We advise that you do not stop and get out from the car to clear the barrier.

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Cato Manor — working class remote area. Infamously known for higher crime rate than in the rest of the city, its is where cheap hotels are located and prostitution is reported. Many facilities of the port can be found there.