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We can dismiss a dialog one of two ways. Your gradle file should look something tgns online dating this.

AlertDialog using Fragment

Alert Dialog Instead of or in addition to implementing Fragment. Custom View Let's start by providing the code for creating a completely custom dialog based on an XML view. If you don't define onPrepareDialogthen the dialog will remain the same as it was the previous time it was opened.

Styling with Third-Party Libraries Note that third party material libraries such as material-dialogs can be used to simplify and improve dialog styling as well.

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When the transaction is popped, the current DialogFragment and its Dialog will be destroyed, and the previous one if any re-shown. This callback method is passed the same ID that you passed to showDialog int.

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Define this method if you want to change any properties of the dialog each time it is opened. This isn't a 'one size fits all' solution, but given my requirements it seems to fit the bill. Passing Data to Parent Fragment In certain situations, the a dialog fragment may be invoked within the context of another fragment.

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Selecting Between Dialog or Embedding Lifecycle DialogFragment does various things to keep the fragment's lifecycle driving it, instead of the Dialog. Builder this ; builder.

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Styling a dialog or AlertDialog requires changing several key properties in styles. Full-Screen Dialog In other cases, we want the dialog to fill the entire screen. Read more in this StackOverflow post Transparent Dialogs We can make the dialog or the title of the dialog translucent using the android: This video can help you solving your question: When you call showDialog 4 for the first time, OnCreateDialog 4 will be called and you need to create the dialog and return it from this method.

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Styling Titlebar of Dialog The titlebar can be styled using the "android: After a while, I enter again into my application and sometimes, I get this RuntimeException: Activity onCreateDialog did not create a dialog for id 4 at android.

To prevent any and all managed dialogs from being restored, one could implement onRestoreInstanceState in the following way: Check out the CodePath android-view-helpers library for an easier way to create simple alert and progress modals.

Changing the DialogFragment in the onCreateView to use the activity's inflater seems to resolve the issue: There is currently a bug in the support library that causes styles not to show up properly. The dialog progress animation can be customized by supplying your own animation drawable using this tutorial.

When it is dismissed, DialogFragment will take care of removing itself from its fragment manager.

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Note that dialogs are generally autonomous entities -- they are their own window, receiving their own input events, and often deciding on their own when to disappear by receiving a back key event or the user clicking on a button.

After loading the initial view, the activity immediately shows the dialog using the show method which allows the fragment manager to keep track of the state and gives us certain things for free such as the back button dismissing the fragment.

Sizing Adjustments for Soft Keyboard When displaying a dialog that is accepting text input, there can often be limited space on screen because the soft keyboard on screen eats up a lot of room.

Basic Dialog The simplest use of DialogFragment is as a floating container for the fragment's view hierarchy. A simple implementation may look like this: Using this approach we could set the dialog's width as a percentage of the screen within the DialogFragment with: Because dialogs normally are modal, this will still operate as a back stack, since the dialog will capture user input until it is dismissed.

Android Step-by-Step: Deprecated: showDialog(int id)

Setup a callback when the "Done" button is pressed on keyboard mEditText. Refer to this post for the customized dialog styles. The entire guide below requires every fragment related class imported to use the android.

Alternatively, we could perform the resize directly at runtime within the onCreateView method of the fragment: By reviewing the code in grepcode for several platform versions 1.

DialogFragment | Android Developers

This is useful if you have a fragment that in some cases should be shown as a dialog and others embedded in a larger UI. This data can be passed back directly to the parent fragment: Other dialogs not worth discussing here: For more details about the different types of dialogs, check out the "Things to Note" section below.

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Defines the listener interface with a method passing back data result. For example, a screen has tabs with a form contained in a fragment.

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And is ok because if you see the doc, the onCreateDialog is call in first time. DialogFragment needs to ensure that what is happening with the Fragment and Dialog states remains consistent. With that, the two fragments are able to pass data back and forth.

I have an image Gallery and I want to open an AlertDialog to display some information regarding to the clicked image.