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Todd The man himself Acceptable Targets: But Not Too Foreign: According to Jesus in the "Just a Kiss" review. Todd takes one sip of beer during his review of "If I Die Young" and says: He deliberately baits Paw about Sia, he gets his viewers to send hatemail to Linkara, he destroys Rap Critic's property As a Facebook discussion went: He even says the "You're black, white, beige, chola descent, you're Lebanese, you're Orient" part of "Born This Way" was written for him.

Made a guest appearance on Atop the Fourth Wall when Linkara reviewed two KISS comics, and previously, was among the contributors who sang AT4W's theme in the th episode where somewhat appropriately, he was immediately before Lupa 7 week dating scan accuracy in media just to throw on quick for the ever-present vlog coverage the meetups entail.

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Christmas music - he's sick of most Christmas songs due to how overplayed they are. Invoked, out of character, with music and other media in Green Lantern Lindsay and Todd said they went there to see why it's being reviewed so badly; in Spider-Man: You can tell that he really does respect the man.

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Or at least that mentally ill people make bad music Train's awful lyrics are the result of the frontman's schizophrenic aphasia, Bruno Mars' dramatic whining is caused by a need for Zoloft, Wyclef Jean's bizarre wailing on "We Are the World" was caused by a lack of psychotropic drugs, etc.

Lindsay Ellis was arrested for public intoxication.

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Public Intoxication On August 12,in Johnson City, TennesseeLindsay drank too much hillbilly moonshine and started screaming at her family for being white.

She also harbors an irrational fear of Trump becoming President, and like most SJW's is convinced that when elected he will dissolve all branches of office, declare himself Furher, and then proceed to fire the entire US nuclear stockpile into every country with non-english speaking populations.

As part of his Alter-Ego Actinghe frequently berates his title card artist on Twitter. We're still cleaning out the vomit from July. And later, in her review of The Little Mermaidignoring the Chick's pleas of going out with him; and in Grease 2 getting a makeover from The Makeover Fairy.

Todd in the Shadows

Later on, Critic being who he is, assumes that Todd is a "masked intruder" who wants to rape him. While vilifying Peter Cetera yet again in his Top 10 Worst Hit Songs ofhe makes it clear that he doesn't hate all similar soft rock acts. He's said on Twitter that his mother emigrated from Mali, but that doesn't really answer the question.

Todd's popularity on the site led him to get invited to group contributions on TGWTG, including crossover reviews, the anniversary specials and panels at conventions. Todd grudgingly admits defeat in hating her.

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Inverted in-universe—He mentions the brief flak he got for admitting he liked Katy Perry, following it up with several fellow site members calling him out over it and one doing the same for stealing her hair. Other than being a terrible rhyme, he thinks there could have been a better line other than that one.

Since it was likely his first time banging a white girl he decided to boast of his sexual accomplishments to his fellow Producers and others in CA. His interactions with other reviewers often devolve into this. His main setup also has him filmed in profile, whether facing his piano or the TV.

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That Guy with the Glasses Now Channel Awesome [ edit ] Doug and Lindsay on Channel Awesome Lindsay smashed at the after party The Nostalgia Critic had decided he would need a female counterpart to do comedic reviews for movies he found too "girly" and that might make him look sexist.

From what we have seen of him in the light, he has somewhat dark skin, but God only knows what his specific ethnicity is. By this time, Lindsay had fully embraced the tentacles of the social media SJW juggernaunt, which allowed her to network into jobs as these, and now runs Patreons both for her basically defunct website, as well as one for her personal use.

Todd dons a black one for public appearances, both in a full version when wearing his hoodie, where only the bottom of his nose and lips are visible, and what looks like a more casual half version that only covers his nose and up. The artist who does the cards appears in one of Linkara's videos Mr T 2 claiming that it's actually what he looks like.

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Anything she posts on social media will be completely vapid and usually meme and reference filled, interspersed with jabs at the area she grew up in, as well as Tumblr fangirling, she speaks a lot, but in reality rarely says anything informative or even interesting. Downplayed; while he has a distinct persona, it only manifests in his interactions with other characters.

And again in the ET review, where several other contributors show up to mock his taste in music. But really, shes not compensating.