New Antihistamines: Not So Nonsedating? New Antihistamines: Not So Nonsedating?

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Incidence densities were calculated for all of the events reported, to give an indication of which events were reported significantly more frequently in the first month of exposure. Drowsiness tends to diminish over time.


These are divided into two chemical classes. Alimemazine and promethazine are considered to be the most sedating, whilst chlorphenamine and cyclizine are considered to be the least so of the 'sedating' group.

So concludes a new study published in the current issue of Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in which researchers compared 18 previous trials investigating antihistamine-caused sedation levels in 1, people between ages 8 and Additionally, the prescribers are asked to indicate whether iu and dongho dating simulator drug has been stopped and, if so, the reason for this.

Contraindications The following are absolute or relative contraindications to use of antihistamines.


The incidence density is the measure of the number of reports of each event per thousand patient-months of exposure to the drug. Daytime drowsiness and weakness are seldom really important, and they restrict patients' activities less than the old antihistamines. The antihistamines reviewed here are acrivastine, astemizole, cetirizine, ebastine, fexofenadine, loratadine, mizolastine, and terfenadine.

Click here to browse the eye drops, nasal spray and tablets Methods The methods of prescription-event monitoring have been previously described in detail.

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However, these drugs are not entirely free from central effects, and there are at least quantitative differences between them. This might result from a patient's individual sensitivity, disease-induced sedation, or drug dosages that are for various reasons relatively or absolutely larger patient's weight, poor response, reduced drug clearance, interactions.

When taking antihistamines during pregnancyChlorpheniramine Chlor-Trimetondexchlorpheniramine Polaraminediphenhydramine Benadrylbrompheniramine Dimetappcetirizine Zyrteccyproheptadine Periactinclemastine Tavistazatadine Optimineloratadine Claritin are all listed as category B.

Although psychomotor and sleep studies in healthy subjects in the laboratory may predict that an antihistamine does not cause drowsiness, the safety margin can be narrow enough to cause a central sedating effect during actual treatment.

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This is due to their relative lack of selectivity for the H1-receptor and their ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. Eight most commonly reported events for loratadine in first month of treatment and corresponding incidence densities for acrivastine, cetirizine, and fexofenadine.

Many sedating antihistamines do not require a doctor's prescription. A higher proportion of women than men were prescribed antihistamines, and younger people were more likely to receive the drugs than elderly people.

The question, is it necessary to spend the extra money? Sedating antihistamines are not needed for long-term itching, because glucocorticoids are indicated and more effective.


In a way, it is trying to get you to sneeze out or scratch away the allergen. The pharmacist sends all these prescriptions to the Prescription Pricing Authority, which under conditions of full confidentiality, provides electronic copies of the exposure data to the Drug Safety Research Unit.

Consult more detailed references for further information. Antihistamines are commonly used in the treatment of a number of conditions related to allergies and hypersensitivities like: Paradoxical stimulation may also occur and this is a particular problem for some children. By monitoring these events in a substantial population of allergy sufferers, without the restrictions imposed by clinical trials methodology, it was possible to measure differences in side effects between these drugs.

A typical result of which is itching.

Sedating and Nonsedating Antihistamines

Of the first-generation drugs, alimemazine, hydroxyzine and promethazine have been implicated as causing this complication. This prodysrhythmic effect has also been briefly mentioned in comparisons of non-sedative H1 antihistamines.

Statistical analysis The number of events observed during the treatment period in each individual patient is recorded and the incidence density for each event is calculated using the equation: This reduces the severity of the reaction and eases the symptoms of allergy.

The people who were intoxicated drove as though they were. They can be classified on the basis of chemical structure, and agents within these groups have similar properties.

The newer antihistamines are available only by prescription.