Nikki Ferrell & Juan Pablo Galavis Break Up: 5 Fast Facts | Nikki Ferrell & Juan Pablo Galavis Break Up: 5 Fast Facts |

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Nikki Ferrell's ex is shocked she puts up with Bachelor Juan Pablo. What has continued to bother Galavis is that Ferrell has such a good relationship with a woman who humiliated him on national television. He took her to his friend's wedding in the Dominican Republic in early March, and he also dedicated a YouTube video to her titled Adventures In Loving You, which featured private photos of the two in bed, enjoying breakfast and sunbathing.

The two went to a wedding in the Dominican Republic and she may move to Miami for him So far, the two seem to be doing fine.

McGill, who broke up with Ferrell in July after a year of dating, said, 'The Nikki I know would have slapped him' She is his 'shiny' new thing: After the fantasy suite dates on The Bachelor, Dorfman dumped Juan Pablo Galavis in an epic scene on the show, frustrated with his blunt comments and lack of sensitivity.

Nope not one single second. She felt like she did when she was on The Bachelor, like she was still waiting for him to pick her.

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As far as the couple's future, Nikki will most likely move to Miami for her boyfriend. Now the blonde's ex-boyfriend Ryan McDill - who resembles the Venezuelan smooth talker - is insisting Ferrell, 26, must have been brainwashed.

But Nikki Ferrell is still sticking by her unpopular reality star boyfriend Juan Pablo Galavis even weeks after their show The Bachelor ended.

Ferrell Reportedly Initiated the Break Up

During the ABC series, the nurse cried, but sources have said that's only the beginning as he will eventually disappoint her Advertisement Share or comment on this article: He dedicated a YouTube video to the blonde titled Adventures In Loving You A source told UsWeekly that women tend to change once they fall into the arms of the good-looking former soccer star.

Of course, the other cast members on the show felt that Galavis using his culture was just an excuse and a cop out.

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Nikki seems happy to go along. He's so charming you want to please him. During the After The Final Rose taping, Ferrell admitted the year-old hadn't said 'I love you' to her 'He has his daughter and business,' added the source, which means he couldn't move to Ferrell.

More tears to come?: In the meantime, Galavis had his own words to say in the below tweet.

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But there is a warning. Galavis conveyed that he felt unsupported by Ferrell. When Andi Dorfman was on The Bachelor as a contestant alongside Nikki Ferrell, the two became very good friends and still are today.

A source said the single dad is obsessed with pretty girls but tires of them after a year Smooth operator: With his best friend: And, Ferrell defends her friend.

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As we watch the two on Couples Therapy, one of their biggest issues was still that Galavis would not tell Ferrell that he loves her.

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