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Escape from Margarita Zone Unknown. I won't be going into how to clear dates- there are other guides for that- just how to get the other achievements along the way.

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The choices you make here don't matter until Robert asks if you want to come in - say yes - and if you want to stop - say no. A Dad Dating Simulator. Unmissable Achievements Unmissable meaning that if you're trying to finish the game and date all the dads, you'll get them.

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World's Best Dad Get Amanda's good ending. Welcome to the Neighborhood!

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It is possible that this content is bugged, or simply very difficult to unlock. Soft Boy Finish all three of Brian's dates. King of Carrot Flowers Finish all three of Mat's dates. Note that sleeping with Robert and getting this achievement will lock his route for that save file! If this changes, this guide will be edited to reflect that.

Although, someone has data mined the files of the game and found thiswhich strongly suggests that you will earn mumbai77 dating simulator achievement after experiencing Joseph's "true ending".

Other Achievements These achievements are obtained by taking certain missable actions during the game. Note that sleeping with him during the opening chapter and getting the Bad Dad achievement locks Robert's route!

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator Mat Sella’s Ending Guide

Save Ferris Earned during Brian's third date. Bad Dad Earned during the opening chapter. Margarita Zone Finish all three of Joseph's dates. Dreamiest Daddy Finish all dates with all dads 21 total. Note that this is an extremely difficult featthough you can save after the first 9 holes.

When you get the option to go watch the Game, choose it. Knife Dad Finish all three of Robert's dates.

SimLove:Dating Simulation Game APK

Unknown Achievements How to get these achievements is not yet known. Catch of the day Earn a match fishing score of Asiago-getter Finish all three of Hugo's dates.

This minigame occurs during Brian's second date. Minigame Achievements These achievements are based on achieving high scores in minigames. World's Okayest Dad Get bad Amanda ending.

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When prompted as to whether you want to jump into the water again, keep saying yes until you get the achievement. Automatically unlocks at the end of the opening chapter after the barbecue.

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Intro This is a quick and easy guide to the achievements in Dream Daddy: Keg-Stand Champion Finish all three of Craig's dates. Note that this ending is unmissable right now because Amanda's bad ending appears to be impossible or at least very difficult to get.

Cannonball Earned during Craig's third date. This minigame occurs during Brian's first date.

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Yo Ho Ho Ho Earn 18 holes-in-one at pirate mini golf. At the beginning of the date, when speaking to Amanda, you will have the opportunity to either scold her for cursing or not.

There are many theories about how to unlock this achievement, but while it has been unlocked by at least one person, it is unknown how they got it. Interview With the Vampire Finish all three of Damien's dates. Game Over Achievements Getting these achievements results in a Game Over and will send you back to your previous choice.

This will give you the achievement. When choosing dance moves to convince the youth to dance, attempt an unrehearsed backflip to get the achievement. Regardless of choices taken when talking to Amanda, no one has yet gotten anything but Amanda's good ending, hence it being apparently unobtainable.