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As they were used for religious and civil purposes, these were open spaces free of vegetation except a few palm trees surrounding a cross in the center of the plaza.

First large tree trunks are buried in the soil, these are worked by adz.

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The mission church was constructed between andby Fr. In the Jesuits founded the mission of Santiago de Chiquitos. This style also is evident in the building method of native community houses.

History[ edit ] In the 16th century, dating joseph rodgers knivesshipfree of different religious orders set out to evangelize the Americasbringing Christianity to indigenous communities.


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The last mission in the Chiquitania to be established was founded by the Jesuits Fr. Remnants of the initial design can still be seen in San Miguel de Velasco, San Rafael de Velasco and Santa Ana de Velasco, places that were not as much exposed to modernization as the other settlements.

The latter have had a social function as meeting places up to the present day. Starting in and lasting untilthe mission underwent partial restoration through the efforts of Hans Roth and his team. Felipe Suarez and Fr. The missionaries employed the strategy of gathering the often nomadic indigenous populations in larger communities called reductions in order to more effectively Christianize them.

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These sculptures exhibit a style unique to the Chiquitos region, differing from that of the reductions in Paraguay or the Bolivian highlands. The State of Qatar, which has a sense of national duty in this regard, is helping to promote the sovereignty of Lebanon and to satisfy our brothers' appeal for assistance for rehabilitation.

As noted above, in some cases mica was used to decorate the walls, columns and woodworks. The Jesuits were unique in attempting to create a theocratic "state within a state" in which the native peoples in the reductions, guided by the Jesuits, would remain autonomous and isolated from Spanish colonists and Spanish rule.

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It is built of stone, unlike other mission churches in the area which were built with local adobe and wood. The effort indicates the strength of and commitment to the unique shared heritage present in the towns.

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As ofa mortuary chapelthe churcha bell towera house for the priests colegio and workshops both still exist, and were renovated by Hans Roth's restoration project between and Double doors and open galleries provided protection from the elements.

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The church was built between and by the Swiss Jesuit and architect Fr. One change was that the Indians were allowed to trade.

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In addition to the churches, Roth constructed more than a hundred new buildings, including schools and houses. According to d'Orbigny, the music at a Sunday mass in San Xavier was better than those he had heard in the richest cities of Bolivia.

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In the mission of Santa Ana de Velasco was founded by the Jesuit Julian Knogler; it is the most authentic of the six World Heritage Site missions dating from the colonial period. Schmid placed a quotation from the Genesis Founded in by the Jesuits Fr. Although initially each mission were conceived as home to one specific tribe, numerous tribal families lived in the Chiquitania, and often were gathered in next to each other on the same mission.

A variety of fine pieces of art adorn the inside of the churches, notably their altarswhich are sometimes covered in gold, silver or mica.

The initial church in each mission except in Santa Ana de Velasco was temporary, essentially no more than a chapel and built as quickly as possible of local wood, unembellished save for a simple altar.

Martin Schmid, Swiss priest and composerwas the architect for at least three of these missionary churches: I've spent the last 5 years torn between my feelings Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. Like the houses of the indigenous residents, the buildings of the church complex were single-level ones.

Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos

The school and church, as well as other characteristics of residential architecture, are still visible today in the village. In the central naves and in the place where the wall will be placed, 9 feet deep holes are made, and with architectural machines they introduce the carved horcones in the form of columns.

The mission church was built between andprobably by Fr.