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Shirt back to wear the way to the shirt a new beauty, revealing the design of the United States will sexy full ah, with jeans, simple and neat. Only occasionally does the sound of the moment reach the screen and in one scene, when riders are descending at speed from a mountain, Lelouch has made the error of adding the sound of squealing brakes that would never have happened in real life.

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Where riders are shown racing, it is an illustration of the hardship or the danger they face. Street beat not only includes the star, supermodel, also includes the taste of ordinary people. Found that their street shooting sometimes than the fashion show on the model to be beautiful, more woodstock fruit festival herpes dating. He portrays the spirit of the moment with repeated musical themes, some of them not always perfectly edited.

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Clothes dress neatly, have not thought about changing it? The French had hoped that the winner would be Raymond Poulidor relieved for once of riding against Jacques Anquetil who had always beaten him.

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Sometimes try different worn, there will be different charm Oh. There are dramatic shots of riders climbing mountains, often with breathtaking views, a struggle which Lelouch emphasises by slowly fading down the heartbeat-like music to near silence, stressing each rider's lone and silent battle with himself.

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The film[ edit ] Pour Un Maillot Jaune For a yellow jersey follows the Tour de France not as a sports documentary but an atmospheric film of the events that surround it. The film then jumps — as it does throughout its 30 minutes — to an open-air mass for riders wearing their race clothes.

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Small black dress and black leather intertwined urban modern sense, black skirt embroidery design sense of outstanding, both inside and outside the color are black, but in the material to form a texture and light, just with the soft contrast effect, small shoes footsteps, so mature Elegant with charm.

Velvet in the last year is very fire, this year is no exception, a lot of clothing are added with some velvet elements.

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By the Chartreuse, however, Gimondi was unbeatable and even attacked Poulidor and left him behind "just to show Raymond that I could go faster and that I was the better man. The main events are the daily routines of the competitors, the bossing about of spectators by officials which Lelouch emphasises by adding animal noises to the soundtrackthe monotonous days of journalists who follow the race for hours to write only a few hundred words, and the evening entertainment laid on by the Europe-1 radio station.

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In general, Fashion Week will bring a trend, and street shooting is to show this trend out. Shirt anti-wear is from the T stage models handed down, and gradually by the influx of fashion people show. Of course, street shooting is the trend of the point, street shooting is the best dress demonstration.

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The charm of the film to cycling enthusiasts is to see the Tour as it was four decades ago, when the winners stood on rickety podiums of scaffold poles, slept in shabby hotels and retrieved a spanner from their pockets to change the height of their handlebars as they rode.

Of course, velvet boots is retro style full, matte visual sense, even if the bright colors will make it more than a trace of luxury. The race[ edit ] The Tour de France was won by a young Italian called Felice Gimondiriding only as a late inclusion. Coat, whether in the last year or in this year have the trend of anti-attack, with a pair of jeans and then take the boots, leisure and fashionable and fashionable, the focus is also significant high legs also long!