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Nonetheless, the book has received a wide audience owing to its tone and simplicity; with people praising it as a collection of poems easy to understand. A reader should unravel its depth with every line. Sometimes there are rhymes thrown in ok, actually a lot of times there are rhymesbut there is no apparent rhyme or reason to when they are being used.

I'm not a poet, but this book did inspire me to write this little couplet: So much blank space in the book, actually every single verso page in the poetry section is blank the three illustrations grace verso pages and the traditional verso page has its usual blah blah blah stuff about publishing information.

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One of the best extracts was a story about a music box. The extracts are well written and express the complexity so advertised. The poetry is not very good.

The following tweet shows my very first thoughts on this collection. But the emotional level in this book gives me the same feelings I have when a couple across from me on the subway are actively engaging in public displays of affection or are having a fight, not really something I'd choose to share with them.

I cry for all the dead trees, for these poems you died thee. These poems don't feel like they have been worked on, they feel like they have been dashed off and thrown out there for the world. Despite the claim that beneath the writing style, the poems are complex, most seem to lack depth.

There is no real structure to it.

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The structure of most poems is flawed, ranging from a few lines to a few uneven stanzas. Most poems in the book are in the form of lyric poetry, expressing strong thoughts and feelings; a form common to contemporary poems. This, unfortunately, can be said about most poems in the book.

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Because there doesn't seem to be a structure to the rhymes in most of these poems, they come across as cutesy conveniences rather than as a limit imposed on the work to give it shape. He makes me want to brush and floss.

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They maddeningly border on being lyrical at times, but then break apart with some borderline pretentious wordiness. I was going to compare this just now to Bright Eyes to give mention to one of the embarrassing sides of my own tastesbut I'm fairly certain that Connor Oberst is a better wordsmith.

The illustrations stand apart from the poems and seem to be alluding to the poems as well as other works of art. Lots of people like this book, and that is great.

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Illustration two is one such example, showing a girl falling, with a key around her neck. A few poems seem to have a modernist approach, with contrasting images merged together.

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So many trees dying for the pretentiousness of blank pages and white space. They don't feel crafted.

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As poems these are just undisciplined ramblings. They are short, simple, but packed with depth. And I totally get that, I have a whole library of songs that I like to listen to and wallow in—some of which are embarrassing and some of which I'm fairly certain are good outside of the cheap emotional responses they are producing.

I'm not trying to disparage anyone who likes this book, but it's just not that good.

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So many dead trees. I'll let the poems speak for themselves though. It is, however, not for people looking to read something substantial, something that stays with you even after the pages of the book have been long closed. With a few exceptions, the poems seem to be devoid of structure and suitable metaphors.

Rhyming in poetry gives a work structure and lyricism, something lacking in these poems.

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I can be sort of snobbish with what I choose to read sometimes, but I think it's great when people read and anything people buy bookwise helps keep me in a job so that's good, too.

The idea behind the book seems to be well put together, but the poems lack the same intensity. Since her poems are made to seem childlike, it is a high possibility that her intentions are aligned with those of Lewis Carroll.