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For the rest of the band played its acoustic show in more intimate venues in Montevideo and other uruguayan cities.

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With this formation they released their second record with a more toned-down style that enabled them to reach a larger audience. From this album they made two music videos: In June Pablo Dana rejoined the band to play bass guitar after a ten-year absence.

They also played several electric concerts, including one sold out show in the Teatro de Verano with the band Divididos.

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The band had regained its core three members from its first three albums and added Roberto Rodino on drums. Third comeback[ edit ] In July Los Traidores announced another comeback with new material.

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An album release show was held in the Teatro de Verano in Christmas of and even though the show was not heavily promoted, more than 5, assisted.

After this the band split up.

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Second comeback[ edit ] The group got back together in to play at the International Rock Festival in Montevideo in front of an audience of 6, people.

In this occasion, they performed as a quartet with Nattero on guitar, Casanova on vocals, Marcelo Oliveira on drums, and a new bass guitar player: The band was influenced by The ClashSex Pistolsand by British punk rock from the late s in general.

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In Victor Nattero moved to Buenos Aires and the band split up again. In the group made a surprise appearance on the television show Control Remoto to announce that they were working on a new studio album called Radio Babilonia.

In August Radio Babilonia was released to the public.

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The LP did not reflect the theme of its title, even though the record was considered too "heavy" for a first album for its existentialist themes. The album was eventually released in by Koala Records.

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Los Traidores headed up the first version of Cabaret Voltaire, a gathering of musicians, sculptors, painters, and other young artists from the alternative art scene in Uruguay. The group started playing live and grew in popularity, attracting a large following for the local scene in which they were based.

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The band subsequently broke up once again.