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Acoustikaraoke Have you been remixing your favorite theme song at clubs around town? Then this is for you! Due to time constraints, we require Karaoke Gong Show participants to provide a brief description of their act with a Senior Karaoke Staffer prior to approval for entry into the contest.

Whether you're a hardcore contestant or an easygoing first-timer, have fun and sing your heart out in either individual or group categories, or double your pleasure and go for both!

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If you can, or if you'd just like to try, come on down to Name That Karaoke, the Karaoke game show! Participation is not for the faint of heart, but if you can have a good laugh at your own expense, the Karaoke Gong Show is your moment to shine! Can you correctly identify the English version of Simple and Clean based on the first four bars played backwards?

This event is one where karaoke fans and non-singing music lovers can shine the brightest and use their wits, rather than their voices, to win it all!

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Our database now includes the classic Latin-American dub songs from your childhood in their original TV and full versions, as well as many other popular Spanish language songs! Learn More Karaoke Gong Show Snark runs high at the Karaoke Gong Show, where contestants turn convention on its head in an all-out battle to be the worst of the evening!

Got the perfect clarinet arrangement of that Naruto song? Do you spend more time in the karaoke room at con than anyone else?

During this time block, those who sign up for a song in Spanish will get priority over English and Japanese songs.

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Karaoke Contest Bring your A-game for one of our oldest and most popular events! Acoustikaraoke is a chance for musicians of all kinds to show off their talents through instrumental numbers, original arrangements, and ensemble performances. What can I sing in Karaoke Events?

Does your band love to cover video game music? Event Descriptions Information about all the events and contests that take place during Anime Expo in the karaoke room can be found below.

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A grab-bag approach to thematic challenges makes this a fun and unpredictable event where anyone with a little confidence and versatility can wind up on top. Contestants strive to outdo one another as a panel of veteran karaoke judges offers scathing and relentless criticism.

Do you have an encyclopedic knowledge of anime music?