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Because of her boyish looks and personality, she is popular among women.

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Kim Eun-soo as Kim Sung-woon [23] A first-year student. President of the student council, who has an indecisive personality. Kim Il-rin as Yeo-woo [26] A second-year student. Vice president of the student council, who is decisive and responsible.

He bullies Kang Mi-rae after she rejected his confession, and later develops a crush on Hyun Soo-ah.

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She used to be the most popular girl of the Chemistry department till Hyun Soo-ah came along. Oh Hee-joon as Kim Chan-woo [24] A first year-student is in his third year of repeat studies. Baek Soo-min as Go Ye-na A second year-student.

She likes Goo Tae-young.

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She feels lonely and stressed due to her plump body. Lee Ye-rim as Kim Tae-hee [28] A second-year student. Jung Seung-hye as Choi Jung-boon A first-year student.

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She has a great relationship with the juniors. He has a crush on Hyun Soo-ah.

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He has a crush on Go Ye-na since the first year. He is known as "Master Dog" due to his crude personality.

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Choi Sung-won as Song Jung-ho [29] A second-year student. Her chic and personality makes her popular among the students. Kim Do-young as Jung Won-ho [22] A first-year student. A student council member in charge of student affairs.

Ham Sung-min as Chung Dong-woon A first-year student.

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Park Yoo-na as Yoo Eun [20] A first-year student. He is deluded that Hyun Soo-ah likes him. She is self-conscious about her physical appearance and what people thinks of her.

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Jung Won-ho's best friend and "love advisor". He likes Kim Tae-hee. A superficial person who only cares about physical appearances.

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A cheerful girl from the countryside. Bae Da-bin as Kwon Yoon-byul [27] A second-year student. He is a motae solo and otaku with a huge presence on the Internet community.

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Sun-mi as Kim Min-ha A second-year student. Jung Hye-rin as Lee Ji-hyo [21] A first-year student. Ryu Ki-san as Goo Tae-young [25] A second-year student.

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Seo Ji-hye as Min-a. Secretary of the student council. She has a crush on Woo-jin. She has a crush on Do Kyung-seok, but later develops feelings for Song Jung-ho.