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The creation of a standard language represents the triumph of a certain variety of linguistic prescription ; its selection causes that the dialectos that differ from the standard lose social prestige.

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On the other hand, includes dialectos whose variation is greater of the one than they exhibit the two versions of the Norwegian. Standard language One standard language also dialecto standard or dialecto standardized it is particular of one that has received estatus legal or cuasilegal in some jurisdiction, where the language is considered "more correct".


It is the version whose orthographic norms and grammar they follow most of texts written in that language, and the one that is taught to those who learn it like foreign language. The use of the language in the public life, for example in and.

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Inthe standard is based on dialecto of the north of the Average West. Some characteristics that serve to identify to a standard language are: The preeminence of has not been put in doubt throughout the modern history of French Literature.

In Spain, standard is considered Castilian of and not the one of.

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Until principles of the standard German was a written language exclusively, learned almost like a foreign language by the inhabitants of the north of the country, whose dialectos were very different. One standard language one defines by the selection of certain regional markers of class and often based on the language of a capital city and the rejection of others.

The Italian standard derives from the language of and not of. UU snatched asince in Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo the egalitarian treatment of the Spanish to legal aims was guaranteed.

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The translation to the sacred text language, like. The result was that these hablantes tried to pronounce the standard German following the spelling carefully; this form of the speech extended later towards the south.

An institution that promotes the use of the language and that has certain authority, formal or informal, in the definition of its norms of use, like. Therefore, in some countries the selection of a standard language can generate a conflict social andto the being understood like an attitude.

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The scholastic education of the standardized spelling and grammar The selection of this dialecto particular like specially appropriate for the learning of the language like one second language.

One recognized that registers the forms, rules and structures of the language and that recommends certain forms and punishes others.

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