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Gripe aviar

We must face up to the risk of an avian influenza pandemic. Debemos enfrentar el riesgo de la pandemia de la gripe aviar.

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Bird flu, like its human counterpart, is a highly contagious migratory virus that can be lethal to flocks of wild-birds and domesticated poultry — particularly when its discovery prompts massive la gripe aviar yahoo dating to prevent its spread to humans. If it mutates so that it can be spread more easily, it could rapidly infect large numbers of people.

But despite its notoriety, because it is primarily a bird-borne virus, bird flu normally has a difficult time infecting humans.

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Fortunately, nearly all recent bird flu cases have been the result of direct human-to-bird contact, typically by people who spend a large amount of time with domesticated poultry.

In addition, when a virus crosses the species divide, the impact on the new host-population is unpredictable: Keychain KC cm with clip Materials Plush from all new materials. And the few person-to-person cases of bird flu that have been identified are almost exclusively among family members of the infected poultry workers.

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This colorized, microscopic view depicts the avian influenza H5N1 virus. Ahora nos ha tocado enfrentarnos a la gripe aviar. Gripe El primer caso del que se tiene noticia de infeccion del hombre por virus de la gripe aviar se produjo en Hong Kong encuando la cepa H5N1 causo una enfermedad respiratoria grave a 18 personas, seis de las cuales fallecieron.

La crisis de la gripe aviar se agrava. The threats of SARS and avian influenza clearly showed the need for pandemic preparedness. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning.

Hatching eggs are well-known to spread bird flu.

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Los virus de la gripe aviar normalmente no infectan a los seres humanos. In addition, work is currently underway on experiments involving avian influenza.

The bird flu crisis rages on. La gripe avlar enfria las exportaciones de pollo, pero atrae mas negocios a Brasil If a gripe is written on a particular system, avoid changing the gripe.

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It is also about public health: Something just doesn't feel quite right here: Pero la gripe aviar no es una enfermedad nueva.

However, avian flu is not a new disease. I am still left with three questions about avian flu. This approach enhanced the worldwide response to avian influenza.

Epidemiología de la Gripe Aviar (H5N1)

This initiative is starting in Asia supported by different Bangkok-based regional UN offices and similar initiatives are planned for Africa. In addition, even when it manages to do so, it typically has a very difficult time spreading from one person to another.

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Let us consider some examples: En Tailandia, el secretario general de la Oficina de Economia Agricola, Suthiporn Jeeraphan, afirmo que la crisis de la gripe de ave de principios de ano y el segundo brote de julio ha provocado una bajada en la exportacion de pollos congelados bajando hasta It has now fallen to us to face up to avian influenza.

Stuffed with polyester fiber fill. Finally, scientists are constantly working on vaccines against new strains, which should help keep bird flu in a cage.

Suggest an example Results: When bird flu strikes Africa Regional capacity The UN system is establishing regional capacities to support coordination of pandemic preparedness at country level, preparation of inter-agency plans, pandemic preparedness within the UN system and coordination and information sharing with partners NGOs, donors, private sector and regional institutions.

Without the simultaneous involvement of all these actors any pandemic response is likely to fail.

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To do so, the UN and its specialized agencies have developed contingency plans to minimize the impact of any pandemic on the health and safety of staff in order to maintain and sustain operational capacity, so that the UN system can best support national preparedness and response to a pandemic.

As to avian fluwe will have more outbreaks. Then a number of years went by, and there were a lot of rumors about bird flu.