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Don't get me wrong, Jinwoo is serious when he needs to be but having that ball of positivity really ups the group's energy and mood. His energy is not limitless as he does get quiet at times but for Innercircles, he always tries his best to show his bright and cheerful personality.

He isn't discouraged easily and is the type of person who won't stop until he gets things russian dating scams olga navoloki russia. In the program, the boys looked after the kids like a normal school day, teaching them things and learning about treating kids themselves.

When faced with difficult situations that come with his career, Jinwoo remains positive and pushes through his challenges with a smile, no matter how small it may be and perseveres.

You can make the worst joke on earth and this man will still laugh. On the first day of teaching, he received a confession, love letter and was fought over more than once clip here.

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Having the same style doesn't always work with singing, especially if you switch from genre to genre. He can be clueless at how others would take in his thoughts but he's honest about is feelings anyway. Out of all the members, Jinwoo seems to be the most accepting and laid back, letting the children play freely while still keeping a watchful eye on them or even joining in at times.

When going to ride the subway by himself in Japan, Jinwoo walked around the streets outside of his hotel in circles while reading the same map over and over again. He's the type of guy who at 25, still mixes up between left and right. Jinwoo is so caring and kind hearted, willing to help anyone in need and cheer them up with his optimistic personality - another thing I love about him.

He may be shy when meeting new people but anyone can see his ability to cheer others up, spreading the positivity and happiness by laughing and joking around. A 15 minute subway trip turned into a 2 hour journey for Jinwoo: Sure they need guidance but they also need to learn to be independent.

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When I say that this boy has no sense of direction, I actually mean absolutely NO sense of direction. I don't want to even analyse it, but I seduce people, apparently; I suck them in. And his laughs sound genuine and not forced every time so it seems like he's just open to all senses of humour: For example, when he gets lost, he doesn't give up and continues to travel until he gets to the destination but himself.

You can flirt all you like since you've become harmless. He makes sure all the kids have fun and aren't left out in anything, socialising with those who might feel out of place.

Dan Jenkins 8 Share Men and women who decide to flirt with adultery just once can become enmeshed in misery and unhappiness for themselves and their precious families.

Even when cameras are off, he's still that bright and happy guy everyone needs in their lives. I'm not even kidding, he was trying to make his way out of a hotel and was wondering around the lobby for 15 minutes before the staff decided to help him.

Don't forget to confirm subscription in your email. Still crying, she was about to leave when Jinwoo approached her at her table after seeing her cry.

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Jinwoo also signed her stopwatch on her request and told her to cheer up. He's not stupid by any means but sometimes, he's just so clueless and innocent, seemingly lost a lot of the time.

Jinwoo especially handles the female kids really well. As always, thank you for reading and have a great day! Jinwoo's caring nature was also shown from a fan and her story about her encounter with him. His authentic energetic attitude was displayed during the infamous restaurant prank clip herewhere Jinwoo showed his natural cuteness and ability to maintain a smile whenever and wherever.

Even 7 year olds can't resist Jinwoo's charms.

Vocalist, Face of the Group Nationality: He is not just a pretty face and even though his main position is "Face of the group", he also has many talents and personal qualities which make Winner such a successful group! Despite being the eldest hyung in Winner, Jinwoo knows how to have fun with his younger members often being mistaken as the Maknae because of his youthful attitude.

I know I included this in my introduction blog for Winner here but I just find Jinwoo hilarious in this interview. I hope that after reading this, I've changed any preconceptions you may have had about Jinwoo.

Sevyn Streeter 0 Share When I was a lad in my 20s, as carefree and debonair as any other underpaid newspaperman, I happened to be a golfer who could flirt with par fairly often, and I was adventurous enough in those days to play any known or unknown thief who showed up at Goat Hills for whatever amount he fancied.

I say in the nicest way possible but Jinwoo is actually an airhead. I don't know if this was really true but judging from what I've seen on Jinwoo, it probably is: Maybe it's because he's always so positive about everything but Jinwoo literally cracks up at every little thing.

Wirthlin 5 Share One of the best parts of growing older? His voice and his skill are so underrated but they're things that I love him for. He prioritised Taehyun over the consequences that would come from rescuing Taehyun their company would have flipped if they found out in a heartbeat which I find admirable.

However in slower songs like "Empty"Jinwoo has a really soft and gentle voice, pulling off that falsetto perfectly and matching the serene mood of the song.

For example, in songs like "Don't Flirt" and "Sentimental" Jinwoo sounds really playful and fun, bringing his cheerful personality into the songs. It's a very male-dominated profession. Basically, the fan was sat in a cafe crying about some exam results she'd received that day which weren't very good basically me every day lol.

I don't know about you guys but I find this story terribly sweet and like I said, it's very probable that Jinwoo actually did this.