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Khuntoria are they really dating. [wegotmarried] couples you thought would really date (but didn't)

SM entertainment was not putting much attention to Victoria, but Nickhun in JYP supported her, he trying to gain up attention from fans to his girl.

Khuntoria Are They Really Dating

He gave the couple chemistry! In septemberhis group 2PM debut. After So Eun's possible dating and Jong Hyung and Nana, I've been really upset because I would loved to see these relationships hit it off because they were really cute.

During November, the antifans started the attacked again. Sadly youtube didn't have much and I didnt know about this site!

Fejinn 4 Comments After interviewing the new couples, they seem to be seriously thinking about dating and marriage. And he bear all the bad comments in his heart, luckily, he met Victoria, a fairy that understand him, take care of him, and protect him.

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D it so sweet. Not in reel-life see what i did there?

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Khuntoria Dating Real Life. Faith Hill or Carrie Underwood? They're the perfect couple.

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If such a guy were to be your boyfriend, who would say no? Luna and Sulli puts the shopping bag on the floor and start sorting which one is whose. I hope in the future they will really fall in love.

Now, both of them in the same position after their hardwork.

Khuntoria Dating Real Life. Are 2pm's Nichkhun and f(x)'s Victoria still close? | Yahoo Answers

I like the way they take care of each other. Something DID really happen. Wish them both the best on their careers. I watch his face expression. A prince always managed to find Cinderella and this happened in Khuntoria. Victoria is basically what kind of wife I hope to be like in the future, reliable, pretty, a good cook and more, while Nickhun Oppa is basically what kind of husband I hope to have in the future, kind, handsome, talented, funny, a true gentleman.

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They really are sweet to each other. Khuntoria, are they were for bazaar?. She was trying to learnt and success.

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I wish they will become a real couple in the future. I had high hopes for these two as a couple, although I know that the show was only make believe couples, I still honestly hoped these two would be dating after they finished We Got Married. I hope they can be a real couple cause they're such a sweet couple.

As far as I know, the Gundam Couple is the only couple that dated in real life after the show. I would totally ship them.

Khun And Victoria Really Dating. Nichkhun Victoria Dating | VK

Victoria Song, she borned in china, september she lead 4 young member to debut as f xwhich under SM Entertainment. Nichkun really shows a lot of interest with Victoria. So anyway, I love them and I wish they would be together - thanhxuanls When watching them, I completely forgot that this was only a show.

Like they hit it off at the beginning?

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He support Victoria, without any reason. I just love their sweet moments together.

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