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Been to Kerinci Valley? Share your experiences!

So if you want to spend more time at the lake, apparently it is possible to do a longer trek. Well, I guess there is no point in more discription, just take a look at the pictures and think of visiting this remote wonder land!

What an impressive site!!

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Een took us to see a group of workers and the team manager told us about the tea making process with Een's translation. If you are going to swim in the lake, consider taking aqua shoes as there is no good way to enter the water, and you may step on a sharp rock or a slippery tree trunk.

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You can search the web before you go, it is found easily! But as the area is not often visited maybe it makes sense to have them all grouped as it is. It took us about 3 hours of relaxed walking to reach the Lake where we had a lunch arranged by Een and swam in the refreshing water.

Actually all the waterfalls and mountains and lakes could have separate entries here at TA for reviews! We saw a Siamang monkey, many birds and interesting plants wild orchids, ginger flowers, pitcher plants, ratan tree, iron tree, cinnamon occhi rossi cause yahoo dating etc.

Also there is a trek that goes along the lake shore and somewhere in the distance we saw fishermen boats. Een even can try and call some birds and monkeys by playing the records of their voices in his cellphone!

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It is super humid in the area, be careful with your camera. Kerinci which was fantastic, see separate reviewbut we discovered that there were so much more to it! We highly recommend him as a guide for any activity you might plan for your stay at Kerinci Valley as he does mountain trekking, jungle trekking, canoe trips, birdwatching trips, tea plantation tour etc.

The waterfall is tall and powerfull, although water is somewhat murky. Canoe trip If you are tired of trekking and want to have a relaxed time but stil see the area this could be a good option!

We stayed at Family Homestay separate review under the care of our great host and guide Endatno Een endatno gmail. During our 4-day trip we were based in the village of Kersik Tua, the closest village to the beginning of Mt.

You first go up the hill to about m and then down to the Lake.

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As far as we understood this is one of the largest tea plantations in the world! Throughout out stay we felt perfectly comfortable and safe with him and really enjoyed his company. Tea plantations The village of Kersik Tua is surrounded by stunning tea plantations that were set by Dutch almost years ago.

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Waterfalls There are many waterfalls in the area, but we only saw the one nearest to Kersik Tua - Telun Berasap. He did a great job finding, showing and explaining us about flora and fauna of the jungle, both seen and unseen by us.

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We will certainly be back one day to go on a jungle trek and to get further south to Sungai Penuh and all the natural attraction at the area.

The views are enchanting and the serenity of the area is simply breathtaking. On the way to the Lake Een shared with us his deep knowledge, love and respect for jungle.

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The day after our Mt. It is not in the jungle and easily accesible, but you will have to follow many descending concrete steps.

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We did not expect much at first but it turned out to be a total highlight of our trip to Kerinci area!! A place to be for nature lovers We went to Kerinci Valley to climb Mt.

Kerinci trek we were tired, and Een took us on a canoe trip in a swamp forrest.