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In Seijuro Hiko's case this sword style makes him stronger, but Kenshin is physically too small, so it destroys him.

Kenji Himura (Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Seisou-hen) -

Kenji now wields the Sakabatou and seems to be at peace with his father. Personally, I think this is reaching a bit, but it is yet another theory, and this whole issue does seem to be open to interpretation.

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In volume 28 page 84, Kenshin says that his body style is actually too small to learn Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu. Gallery Kenji with his mother and father.

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Kenji sees Kenshin as kenji himura online dating 'irresponsible' father, leaving Kaoru alone to raise him. Reflexion and eventually die from, some fans claim it is old age, some claim it is lepracysome syphilis, and some claim it is some kind of blood disease that Kenshin contracted when he was the Battousai and killed a lot of people.

In the Samurai X: With the silence growing stronger, Kaoru realizes that Kenshin has died quietly in her arms.

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It follows after the Kyoto arc that ended in volume 18 which included Shishio Makoto and the Juppongatana. Meanwhile, Kenshin eventually becomes ravaged by an unknown disease that is much like leprosy the writers have admitted there is no medical explanation for Kenshin's condition[ citation needed ].

At least, that's what he saw through his own eyes. To share his pain, Kaoru convinces Kenshin to kenji himura online dating her with the disease through sexual intercourse.

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Kenji pulls his father's hair. Upon brushing his hair off his left cheek, Kaoru notices Kenshin's scar has faded away, signifying that his journey of atonement is finally over. This may be that what we are seeing is simply limited amounts of what Kaoru is able to remember, from her perspective, rather than a first person witnessing of things which is the context that back dating contracts television series, movie and first 4 OVAs took.

Upon arriving, a bed-ridden Kaoru, almost on instinct, gets up to walk outside the dojo on the cherry blossom path, seeing her husband struggling with each step to meet her.

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Kenji learned a lesson that day to protect people with all of his heart. He makes the decision to wander again, and Kaoru strongly supports him, promising to welcome him home with a smile and their child.

Kenji's obvious delusion of his father's greatness is put to the test in a duel against Yahiko.

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He went and trained under Hiko to learn the way of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. He loves his mother but doesn't like his father. So, in a one final strike, Yahiko lets Kenji experience the full brunt of Kenshin's Sakabatou; allowing Kenji to experience the strength of his father's philosophy firsthand.

However, he knew that neither passion, discipline, nor skill would make Kenji superior to his father.

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Kenji then returns to Tokyo with Yahiko to be with his dying mother. The Kyoto and Revenge arcs are the same length 10 volumes in the manga, and the television adaptation of the Kyoto arc took 35 episodes.

In this sense, the OVA adaptations are the reverse of the manga because the manga told the prequel as a flashback and the final arc in real time, but the OVAs tell the prequel in real time and the final arc as a flashback. The two finally meet, and Kenshin collapses into her arms as he clutches her to him.

Then the remainder of it involves Kenshin, who becomes tortured anew by the guilt of leading a happy life after such a destructive past. On reflection, Kenshin and Kaoru did have weird rashes all over their body.

Kenji Himura

It's thought that the blood of his enemies probably got into one of his wounds, and that they didn't discover the disease until Kenji was little. He likes to pull Kenshin's hair In Samurai X: Soon, they end up beneath a cherry blossom tree, where Kaoru tells him that they will invite everyone for a cherry blossom viewing, and continue to gather in the years to come.

Kenji never actually knew his father, aside from only seeing him train in the dojo with Yahiko while he was just a child and sometimes just around the house.

After the war's end, Sanosuke discovers a very ill Kenshin sometime after he had fallen overboard on a ship. After awhile, Kenji thought is was perfectly okay to kill people.

Himura kenji

Then some others believe that although Kaoru contracted an unknown illness, it was not the same one that Kenshin did. Kenji is an overall confident guy, he works hard to accomplish what he believes is right.

Reflection is a very condensed version, as it focuses only on Kenshin's battle with Enishi, and it does not feature the Six Comrades or Kenshin's teammates' confrontations with them.

In the last volume of the manga, the end notes describe young Kenji as an idiot, just like Iori. He watches as his mother mourns his father's continued absence.

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Kenji knows of his dad's 'legend' and hopes to be a legend himself, he strives to become an even bigger legend then what Kenshin was. He wears the mark of evil on his back, too. Kenji displays a lot of promise as a student, just as his father had 30 years before, but Hiko decides to honor Kenshin by not passing the school on to Kenji.

It initiates in volumes 18 and ends with the manga at volume Yahiko and Kenji duel. While the Tomoe flashback was very detailed and of comparable size 4 OVAs to condense under 2 volumes of material the rest of the final arc the actual sequel to the Kyoto arc was shortened to an extreme degree.

Himura Kenji

The above description came from Battousai Kenjiand was edited by yours truly contact me. Hiko basically keeps Kenji busy until Myoujin Yahiko shows up to take him home.

He likes to climb things but cries whenever he can't get down. Kenji refuses to leave, saying that he wants to experience true strength and surpass his father's legend.

Kenshin tells Kaoru that he returned for her, and Kaoru quietly greets him with his old name, Shinta, for he had asked it before he left the last time. However, this leads his son, Kenji Himura to hold resentment towards Kenshin for leaving them.

And then others have claimed that the it was just some mysterious disease Kenshin got from helping sick people. Kenji is also said to have inherited the skills of his parents and is a genius, being able to execute sword moves after seeing them once and is able to understand some points of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu simply from hearing descriptions of it.

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Kenji pats Kenshin's arm. Now in his adolescence, he leaves for Kyoto hoping to learn Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu from Seijuro Hikohoping to be as strong as his father, and create his own legend.

It is essential to understand the final arc, and thus the first OVAs are essential much as the TV series is to understanding OVAs 5 and 6 which compose Reflection, for those who have not read the manga.

Reflection OVA, Kenji is in his adolescence.