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Karcher window vac wv 70 plus dating. Karcher wv2 plus window vac

Viewer9 replied on Dec 17, Hi It is not heavy at all.

Karcher WV2 Plus Window Vac

The thing with this bit of kit is it is not so much a cleaner - but a rubber squeegee that sucks up the water at the same time. Only found I needed to do this on small areas like mirrors. Exchangeable suction nozzle Choose your suction nozzle, large or small depending on the size of the surface you are cleaning.

Not sure about any extension handles. I don't know about an extension for cleaning overhead.

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Simply spray your smooth surface down with detergent, wipe with a cloth, and then vacuum away the dirty water. My mistake for misjudging the extension I'd need.

Is there an add-on for ceaning windows above your reach?

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Need new chiller replied on Mar 27, When I used Karcher always leave the mark on the mirror,could you tell me how to avoid that proplem Lynn asked on Aug 18, I used a lint free cloth to wipe away any residue.

Ken61 replied on Nov 06, no. I have the 70 and I am really happy with it.

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I advise to clean the head at times, as you will find it picks up the dust etc. My windows are floor to ceiling and it reaches the top of them inside the house.

WV2 Plus Window Vacuum | Kärcher UK

I cut the plastic hook end of my poles and the diameter of the pole is just the right to push up a decorators extension pole up the bottom half turning into a triple pole. Checkout Chick replied on Nov 06, It works perfectly for this and I have used it on my glass pool fence several times.

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Outside I need a step up. The washer is brilliant and works fantastically well but make sure you've worked out whether a 2m pole is good enough for you.

I've found it's not necessary to use the cleaning fluid sold with the Karcher.

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You are limited in the height you can go before standing on ladders to reach the top of the bedroom windows. Rated 3 out of 5 by Magna from Great for a bungalow Like a lot of other reviewers, if you could combine these poles it would mean I could do the upstairs without wobbling about on top of a stepladder Date published: I also love it for the shower.

Terry6 asked on Nov 05, Answer this Hey there Terry - sure. You will be amazed at how much water comes from the condensation on windows. This has become one of my cannot live without products.

As long as the glass pool fence is "smooth" glass and not frosted it should work well.

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Just undo, then tip water through that. For me that is its greatest use. Features and benefits The dirty water tank can be emptied quickly and easily as required. Thanks vw7 asked on Nov 21, I have no idea.

The WV 2 Plus window vac also comes with the following accessories: I also use it on our outdoor glass table with excellent results. Having replaced the conservatory roof five years ago with self-cleaning glass to save me cleaning the roof once a year, I ignored the need to clean the inside.

Extension set for Window Vac | Kärcher UK

Battery charge time 2 hours are required to fully charge your battery. We have used the cleaner on the shower screen and tiles and it works well. You need to watch that it doesn't over fill or it will start spraying out. Use the spray bottle provided for your indoor needs - mirrors etc.