Who is Jonghyun's girlfriend? Lovelife about Jonghyun for SHINee | MIJ Miner8 Who is Jonghyun's girlfriend? Lovelife about Jonghyun for SHINee | MIJ Miner8

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No Low-effort or Stale Discussions Discussion threads should be conversation starters and include significant content beyond just asking a question.

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Always link to officially licensed sources when available. No Piracy This includes links to sites which promote or facilitate piracy as well as direct links to pirated materials such as torrents.

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Link to Detailed Rules 1. These people have a gentle and fragile appearance, but inside they are strong and determined people who can defend themselves against anything bad that await them.

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People born under this sign are courageous and decisive in most situations in life. If you dislike a group, ignore threads about them.

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No Idol Pics Except Teasers Direct image best australia dating sites, gifs, and gfys of idols are forbidden with the exception of official teaser images or announcements.

Do not use machine translations like Google or Bing. They will achieve success later in life by working hard. Single-line or Twitter translations are not sufficient. Consistency and order are very important to them.

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The Horses are irresistible and easily gain followers and admirers. Do not post sexual comments about idols. Do not editorialize titles or use vague titles. No Memes, Jokes, or Shitposts Items intended primarily for humor are forbidden.

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Do not post hateful comments about artists, songs, or their fans. As on the horse race, so in life they easily conquer most of the barriers or skillfully and stealthily bypass those.

They are intelligent, quick-witted and enterprising. They are hardworking and determined.

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No Group-specific Fluff Forbidden: Respect All Artists and Fans Personal attacks, racism, and hate speech will not be tolerated. They give us the impression of closed people who do not like to be the centre of attention and who try to avoid big social events.

These people are practical and conservative. Remember to add flair to your post after submitting. They have leadership inclinations.

SHINee's Lead Singer Kim Jonghyun Commits Suicide - Reports

They have good imagination. Follow Title Guidelines Submission titles should be detailed and direct.

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People born in the Year of the Horse love grand shows, concerts, social and sports events. No Throwback Posts Please only post current releases, performances, and variety appearances. Include English Translations Articles that are entirely in Korean must include an English translation or detailed summary.

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Rowan people have a good taste and they are often blessed with artistic talents.