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Mudhole - There's nothing much to say about planet Mudhole, except for the fact that it has huge mud pits hence the planet's name and the planet's leader is a ghost this is implied through the fact that one of the planet's inhabitants said so, and the leader is invisible as Kaput says "The only time you can see him is when he slips into an inanimate object".

One speaks in a strong British accent and has a tiara as well as red hair, is named Heads, and the other, Tails is a moose head with catchy email subject lines for online dating Canadian accent.

Their intrusion of the planet Isn't That Precious, where they ran into a group of invisible creatures, who they tried to conquer by hosing them with red paint. They make it perfectly clear that on their planet, "You're better off obeying the traffic signs!

Totally 26 half-hour episodes 78 shorts were produced. Boudini - Boudini is a wizard of the planet Hokus Pokus. The Great Ghandizen - The Great Ghandizen is a squat, little ruler with an arsenal of crushing devices with which to crush offenders.

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Their encounter with a delusional islander known as "Robinson Hood", who sent a letter in a bottle asking for two tyrants to come and dominate. Kaput, on the other hand, is short-tempered joe zosky dating volatile; his strategies always involve "crisperizing" everything in sight.

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Their landing on planet Siracusa, where the inhabitants seemed to worship the vegetable which provided the greatest lives for them: Pax residents - These aliens are small, dwarf-like workers who live on a planet which is known for its hospitable ways.

H20 - H20 is a water planet, composed possibly of pure ocean and inhabited by mermaid-like creatures which treat all visitors to the planet with respect. Their crash landing on planet H2O, where through a special sort of joe zosky dating, known as "telessotelepathic waves", which allowed the invaders to breathe under the waves, Kaput had, in order to be kingalmost ended up marrying a huge, repulsive squid-like creature who happened to be the queen of the planet.

They invade a planet full of stone monsters.

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Pickaplop - Pickaplop is a planet which, while verdant, is indeed literally flat. The Office Lady is voiced by Helen King. They speak with strong Transylvanian accents and enjoy eating blood-themed foods.

He is the ruler and an accomplished magician.

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She is a character which is dressed in a suit and wears an air helmet. While it was shown on Nicktoons, most of the episodes that were made were exempted from airing until sometime in Januarywhen "new episodes" had made their way onto the network.

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During their trip, they managed to build two giant fighting robots in their likeness, to better take over the planet. It is believed that their boss may be Jackie's father since he was referred to as "the big guy" and spoke with a booming voice.

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The residents appear to be quite calm. He speaks in a strong Scottish accent. Robinson Hood, soon finding tourists which went to his island, led them in a revolt against the two tyrants, and forced them to a defeat.

Hohoba residents - These small, blue aliens are known for possessing the ability to reproduce by laying eggs orally.

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This angered the locals in that they found that, being invisible, they were safe from their true form, hideous and deformed. They are not the most able tyrants, however, and have trouble holding any planet for more than a few days, if they can even manage to dominate it in the first place. Cast[ edit ] The cast is composed of three actors, two of which are Canadian, which is pertinent because Canada has a strong influence on the show as a whole.

The duo invade a planet reminiscent of planet Getaway. Towards the end of her appearance, she advised the two to leave before lawyers came to "instigate precedings on work-equipment deterioration and attempted intimidation ".

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The residents take great care to keep all things clean, including even going so far as to suggest that the residents be brainwashed. Ghost King - The Ghost King is not exactly dead, nor alive, but he is invisible and considered a ghost. The invasion of planet Tatayoyo 8, where the two conquerors had to deal with stuffy, little bureaucrats who seemed to accommodate the tyrants' needs, but in truth, they all had a hidden agenda in mind.

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Kaput is voiced by Rick Jones. Kaput, on the other hand, is short-tempered and volatile; his strategies always involve "crisperizing" everything in sight. The night lasts but two seconds and literally falls, deflating anything below it.

The Byurks are not as stupid as they appear and are actually quite deceptive at times; one such case was their chief making an attempt to profit from Kaput's joining their beliefs by forcing the people to pay heavy prices to receive merchandise and tickets to see Kaput consuming the flabyurk.

Their visit to the planet Mudhole, which was ruled by a ghost king who was able to control inanimate objects. Their "invasion" of the planet Getaway, where the local natives of the planet were in a hurry to evacuate the planet, claiming that it was no longer the trendiest vacation spot in the galaxy.

These aliens also as classic vampireshave a strong dislike towards garlic and the smell of it makes them sick.

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Planets[ edit ] Pachu Pachu - A planet ruled by large, green aliens fascinated with guns. What colonizations exist are fake; they are sets used to film a movie, which is what the residents appear to only do. His home planet is Lamamma, He also wishes to first use his mind to dominate rather than brute force.

The inflation of these aliens works for but a short time as the sun sets on their homeland and they remain deflated once more. Marvin the Enchanter - Marvin is a bird-like, bespectacled wizard with a white beard famed for his ability to perform magic of an awesome ability.

Bobo Bibola - Bobo Bibola is a genie who is the denizen of a lamp which very seldom opens. However, this is unlikely, as there are no credits given to support this. The planet is perpetually in black and white, reminiscent of the old horror films of vampires. But there are many rules there, which are enforced by the inhabiting people.

While it was shown on Nicktoons, most of the episodes that were made were exempted from airing until sometime in Julywhen "new episodes" had made their way onto the program. Office Lady - The Office Lady helps the two on their assumption of power on the office planet.

Hobbie Hobans - These aliens are considered highly bureaucratic and resemble pale, gray leeches which make any matter at all difficult due to their tendency to make all visitors fill out many pointless forms.

Marvin the Enchanter is voiced by John Stocker. Their audience with the Great Ghandizen, a tiny ruler who made a massive number of contributions to his homeworld and who often crushed any and all invaders who wished him ill with a massive set of pulverizing crushing devices.

The Byurks - The Byurks are a race of stuttering slug-like characters who are very gullible and believe Kaput to be a god, due to his drinking of a ceremonial dish of theirs, the Flabyurk, which when drunk, will make the drinker a stuttering fool and only massive blows to the head can reverse that effect.

The donkeys proved themselves to be intelligent by speaking in full sentences and defending themselves.

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He is also allergic to moles and swells up when he is near them. These aliens are also lesser known for having an evil temper which morphs into its worst along with the alien when severely angered.

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Their visitation to an intergalactic control room where individuals controlled life on all planets with the clicks and pushes of buttons. Kaput and Zosky were disgusted on the planet but Princess Jackie had an adoration to carrots and would let them stay if they did also.

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It was never revealed what he had against them, but it possibly has to do with Kaput borrowing a massive amount of money off of Crazy Joe. When angered, she emits a large, blinding cloud of ink, like an octopus.

It is verdant, with primitive villages and many plants around.