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When "A" begins sending Mona threatening notes, she grows closer to the Liars. Spencer glances happily at Caleb before getting up to make coffee and check her phone. The two later rekindle their relationship when Aria leaves him a voice mail telling Ezra that, if he doesn't meet up with her, their relationship is over for good.

A lacrosse player, he suffers from a mental illness, which has causes him to burst into fits of anger and later leads him to break into people's houses for fun, before he begins to shut down emotionally and withdraw completely from his family. Aria tracks Maggie down and discovers that she kept the baby, who is now a healthy 7-year-old boy named Malcolm, whom Ezra finds out about from a distraught Spencer.

She knew everybody's secrets, but since she's been gone her friends are beginning to realize how little they really knew about her. Jones seasons 3—6 is a secretary of the Decathlon team of which Spencer is a member.

In the episode "Misery Loves Company! Charlotte, who was revealed as A in the summer finale, has been character personality questions for dating all the help she needed in these past five years, and now Alison wants her to be released.

Friends Andrew Campbell Brandon W. Are Caleb and Spencer dating post time-jump? In the fifth season, it is revealed that Melissa is Bethany Young's killer. Turning back to the computer, Aria spencer dating caleb Caleb to teach her. Alex grew up in orphanages, not knowing anything of her real family, until the day that Wren Kingston came into her bar and immediately thought she was Spencer.

In the first season, she begins a relationship with fellow student and strained Rosewood student Toby Cavanaugh. In Season 4, it is implied he knows about Red Coat. Soon the entire group is sitting around the kitchen island and Caleb and Spencer are no longer directly next to each other anymore Mona is between them.

The girls try to hide the truth from Hanna but when she finds out she is angry at them but reconciles with them a while later. With time, Aria and Jake's relationship heads to the next level. She clarified her real identity and he revealed Spencer and everything to her.

Aria frantically tries to find him and when she does he tells her that Aria's friend Alison picked him up.

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And if she had said so, that would be weird, since she's very much engaged to another guy who seems pretty cool. Spencer says how happy they are got her thinking about them and how she wanted it for a really long time.

She seemed deeply I love with maya instead of Paige I don't know just love them I can relate so much Regardless of what happened, Maya was Emily's first love and they were perfect together, they have a history together, let's not forget everything they have been through, Maya is totes not dead so more Emaya for us!

Her mom really likes Caleb Ashley and Caleb have always had a cute friendship, so it's safe to say that Ashley would be very happy to have Caleb back in their lives.

Their relationship becomes strained after Melissa plants doubts about Spencer's feelings for him in Alex's mind, leading Alex to think Spencer is using him.

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Aria and Jason would be magic. She befriends Ezra Fitz thanks to the suggestion of Ella, much to Aria's chagrin. While slipping him the phone, Caleb touches her finger slightly and rubs her arm; a tender act witnessed by Hanna, who then leaves to take a phone call from work but not before looking back at a joyful Caleb and Spencer.

His body goes missing and he is presumed to be in hiding.

After Hanna and Caleb break up, Hanna kisses Travis. When he discovered that Aria was his student, he attempted to break things off, but found himself unable to do so.

A Pretty Little Liars The main antagonist"A" is stalking and torturing the Liars in relentless and creative ways and also threatens their friends and family. I honestly don't get how they aren't 1 on this list, they are the only couple on PLL to get an award, and from what I've seen the most voted for as "best couple.

After returning to the house, Caleb finds Spencer sitting in front of the fireplace, drinking wine.

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Meredith became a teacher at Rosewood High. At the end of the season 4 summer finale, she reveals Malcolm is not Ezra's son. Later when Spencer joins the "A" team she finds out that Toby is alive and that he joined "A" team to find out about Red Coat.

He was the only person she trusted to tell about A and he revealed his past in foster homes to her. V 68 Comments 3 Hanna and Caleb They are unlike other couples.

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It is revealed to be a mask and a doll and the real Hanna has 24 hours left to be saved. Marlene King's cryptic message about ships means anything, it's that we shouldn't give up hope that the friendship could blossom into romance.

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Wren introduced Alex to Charlotte and the two of them formed an immediate bond together, spending every moment with each other until Charlotte left to go back to the U. ME also owned a cable television franchise, but in August ofTodd sold it to Jerry Jackswho approached him using the alias "James Craig.

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Spencer later finds a body and assumes it is Toby from the tattoo. Subsequent episodes featured Merriman in the role. He is brought back to Rosewood by Lucas, who wants Hanna and Caleb to make amends and reunite. Clark Wilkins Titus Makin Jr.

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However, he later returns to Rosewood to help Melissa out with Ian, who at the time, they believe to still be alive. He eventually gets into Maya's website and an elated Spencer celebrates with him and they hug.

Seeing them together honestly makes me so happy.

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Veronica is initially uncomfortable around Alex, which Spencer thinks is because of Alex being of a lower economic class, however, Alex explains that he comforted Veronica after her cancer scare.

Bedlam Caleb is making a sandwich when Spencer walks into the kitchen. Aria Montgomery Considered the "alternative" one of the group, Aria Montgomery, portrayed by Lucy Haleis more outgoing in fashion and what she sees as acceptable behavior. Simone develops a crush on Ezra, much to Aria's horror.

The next day, Spencer expresses concern to Caleb that Charlotte was murdered in a very familiar way.

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She soon leaves Rosewood with Malcolm to Seattle. This leads him to leave Rosewood and seek out Maggie and his son; Ezra is back in Rosewood but only one day after he's back he gets a phone call from Maggie; Mrs.

After Alison's disappearance, Mona befriended Hanna and they underwent an "extreme makeover" together; as a result, they both became popular students. Hanna's life is on the line!