About the Mars Venus Institute

The Mars Venus Institute

Dr. John Gray established The Mars Venus Institute in 1996 to help improve communication between men and women. Millions of people have improved their relationships by reading Dr. Gray's books. Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, has currently sold over 50 million copies worldwide and been translated into 42 languages. Over the years, this metaphor describing how men and women communicate differently has been instrumental in helping millions of people understand each other with more love and less conflict. Instead of trying to force men and women into molds that do not fit them, Dr. Gray's experiential relationship program embraces the differences between men and women, and encourages communication through the understanding of basic differences.

He has often wished he could personally meet and work with each reader, viewer, or listener in his audience. By establishing the Mars Venus Institute and licensing the Mars & Venus Counseling Centers, Dr. Gray teaches experienced, qualified, independent practitioners the Mars & Venus principles, and those unique individuals share this message with clients around the world.

Mars Venus Workshops

The Mars Venus Workshops are designed by and based on the extraordinarily popular material Dr. John Gray has presented in his books and seminars. The workshops are intended to teach participants the Mars Venus principles and tools and allow them to practice using these techniques in a supportive environment.

The Mars Venus Workshops are interactive classes based on the best selling books by Dr. John Gray; Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, Mars and Venus on a Date, Mars and Venus Starting Over, Children are from Heaven and How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have. His trained instructors facilitate these workshops. While millions of people have improved their relationships by reading these books, taking a workshop will deepen your understanding of this material and permanently alter your instinctive behavior while you participate in a fun, interactive class.

A significant portion of each class is devoted to video lectures by Dr. Gray. The remainder of the class encompasses exercises and group discussions lead by the facilitator. After each videotaped segment the facilitator would then have a group open to the appropriate section of the Mars Venus workbook designed to solidify the insights of that particular exercise. Learning this Mars Venus material in a group setting will help to deepen people's understanding and alter instinctive behavior. The workshops are fun, interactive, non-confrontational, and "male-friendly."

We currently offer 6 workshops:

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Mars Venus Counseling Centers

Mars & Venus Counselors are a group of experienced therapists and counselors who have been personally trained by Dr. John Gray in the principles presented in his books, tapes, videos, and seminars.

Couples and individuals can obtain one-on-one counseling to help them build on the principles of communication and understanding presented by Dr. Gray.

Although the benefits of applying the insights in Dr. Gray's books are immediate, he does not feel a book can replace the need for therapy and counseling for troubled relationships or survivors of dysfunctional families. Even healthy individuals may need counseling or therapy during challenging times. Dr. Gray believes in the powerful and gradual transformation that occurs in therapy and marriage counseling.

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