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Hungry heart wild striker ep 22 latino dating, related anime

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Once the real matches begin, coach Murakami unexpectedly puts the three novices, Rodrigo, Koji and Kyosuke in the starting lineup. GK, 16 years old.

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In the meantime, Kazuto learns about Kyosuke's past and violent behaviour when he was playing football. His aim in coming to Japan is to become a professional since he would have a better chance there than in Brazil and he hungry heart wild striker ep 22 latino dating to do it as soon as possible to support his family.

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MF, 16 years old.

Hungry Heart - Wild Striker

Miki then notices that this activity had a purpose: His performance there is noticed by Ajax 's scouts who want to acquire his services. Despite a great start, Kyosuke and the others lose.

You may also like. They lose badly to Tenryu High School, the two-time champions, in their first match at the national tournament, although Kyosuke manages to score a goal.

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Yuki vows to not allow Kyosuke to score again. He is very attractive to most girls. A football prodigy who is the most respected figure in the story.

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An exchange student from Brazil on a football scholarship. This eventually makes him "hate" football.

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Joyo and Miki say goodbye to him in the airport. She likes Kyosuke's attitude and even lets him eat more from time to time and keeps him in line if needed. Captain of the women's team of Akanegaoka High School.

Hungry Heart – Wild Striker episode 22

MF, 19 years old. His father is Japanese while his mother was Swedish. He has a rivalry with Ryosei's captain and genius playmaker Furuki during high school.

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He arrives during the second year and become the replacement of Gozo. Yet, the three of them show great potential and even manage to complete the laps punishment while the rest of the novices can't even complete half of the challenge. She and Kyosuke always argue, but, as everyone predicted, they eventually become romantically involved.

Miki convinces to return to the team and Kyosuke becomes a decent defender thanks to training closely with Gozo Kamata, vice captain of the team. MF, Member of Akanegaoka.

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker Episodes

He and Furuki end up being teammates in university. After continuing training, Miki inscribes his team in the regional championship. Rodrigo, a midfielder from Brazil who prefers to play individualistically, and Koji Sakai Jefferson, a goalkeeper of Swedish heritage that looks down on Japanese football.

Kyosuke can't stand that people look up to him just because he is the brother of a famous footballer. Due to this, he plays individualistically in order to stand out.

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Amazed by Kyosuke's abilities both she and Kazuto Mori, manager of the men's football club, look for Kyosuke. She becomes attracted to Kazuto and eventually becomes manager of the team with him.

Coach Kazuo Murakami, who had been watching Kyosuke since he began training the girls, makes him play as a defenderanother situation that Kyosuke doesn't understand and hates. Her mother died when he was very young, which caused him to look for friends.

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker Episode 22 - Watch Movies Online

Along with his brother Kaoru, the dynamic duo of Kokuryo and a member of Japan youth team. He uses glasses during the first episodes, but later he changes to contacts. The fastest member of the team.

Kyosuke is the main character of the series.

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This changes when he meets Miki, who forces him to become coach of Akanegaoka High School women's team. It normally appears as if he just lazes around, but he is in fact a very good strategist.

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After that, Kyosuke meets the dietician of the team, Kaori Domoto, who gives him a strict diet based on vegetables that he immediately hates and does what he can to avoid it. However, since his father's work made them move to different countries, he had a hard time as a foreigner until he discovered football which is played in every country.

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