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The toe panel itself is made from the same material as our ollie shiel area, which was a high quality suede but well reinforced to provide a sturdy protection over your toes.

With that often seen kickflip hole in mind, Huf added more reinforcements with a rubber shield ollie barrier right above the foxing tape, to have a stronger layer of defense just in case that foxing tape wears off.

If you had these, chances are you were asking for people to hit you up for a dub on the street or where they can find specific strains. Designed by legendary artist Todd Bratrud, the Dunk High had weed and skate shoe enthusiasts anticipating the drop like coyotes would a drug mule.

The side quarter panel of the shoe had a rubber insert that stretched to the H logo, martoxela reinjeri online dating helped with durability and more importantly, stability.

Ipath Cats No shoe has ever made sheltered, sober suburban kids feel more cute guys intimidating than the Ipath Cats.

In contrast to the first version which was originally designed as a regular sneaker, the Hupper 2 was made explicitly for skateboarding. In this case, the second density of EVA appears as the neon green over lay that stretches from the heel to the midfoot.

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Conclusion The Hupper 2 has a quite a lot in store for you. Although cushioning is important, HUF made sure to not over do the shoe with cushioning elements in order to retain the original boardfeel the HUF shoes had from before.

Durability was a big plus for us with this shoe, with the only drawback being that the shoelaces ripped apart quite fast.

On the other hand, the vulcanisation of the outsole is a little bit thicker compared to other vulc-models. Can you find the secret shoe? A nice feature of the shoe is its breathability due to the wide utilisation of canvas. Some brands have chosen to embrace it, some to ignore it and others to straight capitalize on it.

Thanks to this construction, the Hupper 2 provides excellent boardfeel and an awesome flick with flips on a skateboard. Promoted by the perma-smiled Matt Rodriguez, Karl Watson, Matt Field and more, even if mom or dad caught on, all you had to do was point out these fine, upstanding professionals.

Only pairs were made and were only sold in their SF and LA flagship stores so getting your hands on a pair was no easy task.

No blow-outs at all and a perfect snug fit even after long sessions. All in all, the grip of the shoe was quite satisfactory.

Huf hupper 2

As a result, we had to tighten the shoes to ensure better stability and structure. As aforementioned, the shoe was wider than most shoes, possibly due to the minimal padding on the sidewalls.

However, the stitching between the side panel and toe cap resigned during the test. Shape Surprisingly, the shoe is quite spacious which might be nice for those who have wider feet.

The Hupper comes with minimal to no padding in the heel area — similar to the HUF Classic — and a very thin tongue. Nearly all the abrasion was absorbed by the resistant leather upper, while the canvas hardly took any abuse.

In addition to the foxing tape, an added layer of Infinity Rubber circled around the toe cap, which had a diamond shaped tread pattern that helped with more grip with flip tricks. As a result, the insole of the shoe is well balanced, with an emphasis of cushioning in the midfoot, and more boardfeel in both the toes and heels.

The HUF Hupper 420 Pack Pays Tribute to the Famous Stoner Holiday

Boardfeel and Grip As a vulcanized model and similar to the predecessors in the HUF footwear line, the Hupper 2 has a heavy emphasis on boardfeel. Originally the Hupper model was released as a high top, and was one of the first models introduced as part of the HUF footwear line. We remember some who even went so far as to co-opt a Rasta phase for the duration of their pair.

And the shoe skated super well for an all-around win-win. Now, seven years later they introduced its sequel, the HUF Hupper 2. Therefore I tested how the shoe performs on a skateboard. The sidewalls also rise up a bit higher than most shoes, which is nice for a deeper fit for your feet and also better protection.

For the insole, the heel and toe area have very minimal padding which is meant for more boardfeel, while the midfoot area is much thicker and is designed to absorb most of the impact.

More often than not, we had to tighten the shoes more to bring the sidewalls closer to the feet to ensure stability.

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A plus especially on particularly hot days. From the ground up, the profile of the 3D foxing tape was much higher than other vulcanized models, which helped a lot by directing most of the griptape abuse towards the foxing tape tape itself and away from the kickflip hole area.

Above this rubber shield component of the shoe, there lies a canvas sidewall that was quite sturdy and had no abuse from the weartest. During the weartest, there was a bit of abuse towards it, but no wear and tear that broke through the layer, which meant there was a lot of life left in the shoe.

The insole itself is made of EVA foam, which means it traps pockets of air in different densities to provide rebound and impact absorption.

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Also, the boardfeel of the shoe convinces and makes it a comfortable shoe during most sessions. To my surprise, the aforementioned piece of smooth leather did a great job. When it came to the weartest, the shoe proved to be extremely grippy, with no blow out spots in the sole at all.

It performs best when skating some easy street and transition sessions.

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But a small amount of adhesive might be an easy fix. Inthey did an exceptional job of that with the release of their Skunk Dunk High. The Hupper carried on their proud tradition of working weed imagery into usable everyday apparel in a sorta-tasteful manner, ensuring only those who for sure partook would trade a 20 for some slightly used ones.

The shoe is quite suitable for jumping down 7 stairs but trying tricks down anything more will leave your toes hurting for a bit.

But check out these similar styles available:

The shoe killed the game in durability, stability and grip, but leaves us wishing for more when it came to cushioning and comfort.

In our model, and also some other models found in the Hupper 2 line, the ollie shield barrier is a strip of high quality suede. The toe cap is a nice element to the shoe, and rounds out nicely, unlike some shoes that become very pointy and have less surface area for abrasion.