Tascam SS-CDR Solid-State / CD-Recorder Online At Low Prices At Huss Light & Sound Tascam SS-CDR Solid-State / CD-Recorder Online At Low Prices At Huss Light & Sound

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Via the selectors at the front, you can choose whether this zone receives back ground music only, messages only, both or none of them. Its signal goes directly to the main amplifier, bypassing any front control, and an attenuator next to the input sets its level.

We advise to use the back mounting holes as well; certainly valenzia algarin dating mobile racks.

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Do not operate near heaters or place it on other apparatus which produce a lot of heat. He's able to drive 8-ohm or constant-voltage loudspeaker lines V.

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Zone 4 has an extra feature. Distorted sound indicates that operating conditions are bad. Clean only with dry cloth. Never use a damaged power cord and install it in such a way that no one can walk on it. Do not block the air inlets of the amplifier and see that sufficient cool air can be supplied.

Tascam SS-CDR200 Solid-State / CD-Recorder

With the control next to the XLR input, the vox voice activated mute for microphone 1 can be activated and mutes all other signals, except the emergency input. Disconnect the unit from the mains power supply, when you do not use it for a longer period.

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Keep this manual for future reference. Please check the units' condition after unpacking. Do not defeat the safety purpose of a grounding-type plug.

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This apparatus should only be serviced by qualified personnel. Removal of the cover will expose hazardous voltages.

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When any priority has been activated, 24V DC output max. Water and humidity are the biggest enemies of electric equipment.

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Be sure your unit is always connected to the electrical safety earth. Do not remove the cover panel.

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If the outside of the carton box has been damaged, inform your shipper immediately. If not, the warranty might be void. Operating it under moist conditions can even be dangerous.

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Compared to other zone amplifiers, the total load W can be drawn in any combination from the 4 zones. Only use accessories specified by the manufacturer. This little time can avoid a lot of headaches afterwards. Decrease the volume, check the speakers and sources are connected, or switch off the unit.

Tascam SS-CDR Solid State Card/CDR Recorder

When needed, the signals distributed via your MACDR mixing amplifier, can be recorded via the record output. Take care for the power cord. Microphone input 1 has the second priority level.

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If you have any doubt, please consult your dealer or a qualified technician. Rarely seen on its competitors, all microphone inputs have integrated speech filters and they are high-class transistor-balanced type, allowing good control of hum and noise over long cables.