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Hook up wireless soundbar. How to hook up samsung soundbar to tv

I'm thinking this is where some of the bad reviews have come from.

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I plan to buy a second one for the first TV we tried to connect it to, but this time I'll connect it using a receiver. I love the stand for the soundbar, as I didn't want to wall-mount the bar or place the bar in front of the TV in the later case, the bar would have blocked a bit of the TV screen and the receptor on the TV for the remote.

Low cost with a great sound!

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I tested it with the DVD player, just to make sure the speaker worked and it worked wonderfully, Well after looking at our other TV's I realized the one I was trying to hook it up to didn't have the right connection available. Adequate sound bar for the price Average rating: The speaker isn't the problem, it's weather or not your television has the right input connections built into it for the sound to work.

The indicator light on top of the subwoofer will illuminate to show that a wireless connection exists. Our other TV's however have a place available to plug it in.

What Are Tips for Troubleshooting a Samsung TV?

This can be behind a sofa, if necessary. Step Connect any other components you wish to play through the soundbar to the relevant ports. Step Position the supplied wireless subwoofer anywhere in the room within 33 feet of the soundbar. Video of the Day Place the soundbar of the home theater system above or below your TV.

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For its intended purpose, this sound bar works just fine. Step Connect the supplied video cable from the "Video Out" jack port on the back of the soundbar to the "Video In" jack port on the TV.

How to Hook Up a Samsung Soundbar

The sound is strong and the bass and treble adjustments enhance the quality of the sound. Plug the power cords of the subwoofer and the soundbar into wall ports and turn on the units.

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Connecting the soundbar to the TV requires a single wire and wall ports within range of the devices. You can also play sounds from other devices through the sound system.

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If you need more sound from your TV without the need for a significantly fuller sound, then this iLove is a good product, especially for the price. See more Great sound!

I suppose if you have a cable box it probably could connect to that, however we cut the cord a while back. It was purchased as the accompanying TV doesn't produce enough sound over and above the sound of the exercise equipment when in use.

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No - it doesn't produce the same fullness as the Vizio. For example, connect an iPod to the "iPod" jack port on the rear of the main unit. Does it work better than our Vizio sound bar with a separate subwoofer?

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The soundbar has two small speakers on either end and is connected wirelessly to a W subwoofer. Share on Facebook The Samsung Soundbar is part of a Samsung home theater system which can be used to provide cinema-like sounds from your TV in your living room.

But we knew that was going to be the case when we purchased the iLive soundbar.