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Hook up jumper cables backwards, 1 suggested answer

You may also want to explain to her how jumper cables work and how they should be connected lest this happen again. The buzzer is still going off and the brakes still dont feel right.

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Sin you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it. I need to know whether this is a an extra cab or double cab the ABS systems are different. The answer to changing the alternator does not have to include all the time consuming work of detaching the drive train at all!

The battery can blow up, etc etc. Check all your other wiring and your battery, the alt. It hooks up to the transfer case. Alternator has nothing to do with starting, it could be bad and not charging the battery but will not cause your car not to start.

In the old days when nothing was civil it was less of a problem. Even though your lights may come one, starting a vehicle requires massive amounts of amperage from the batter.

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There ya go, problem solved! The other larger fuses I mentioned are in the fuse box under the hood.

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The clock keeps going back to 1: Remove the drivers' side tire. If your having problems with dimming lights when pushing in your clutch, it might not be the alternator.

If not, then I suggest that you have your car towed to a Toyota dealer so that the DTC can be retrieved. Fifth, unbolt your alternator and flirt pole australia serpetine belt on it. If the car is under warranty try to pawn it off on that, lol.

J-Ri I am thinking some stranded wire and a toggle switch!!

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Next,remove the plastic shroud around the crankcase. We killed some jumpers, but at least nothing electrical. The two primary code you're dealing with our the and these are power input codes when the computer does not see the necessary power supplies to drive the pump and then cause the pressure sensor to indicate to the computer that everything is good.

Also the clock will only come on if the dome light switch is in the center position.

Accidentally hooked up jumper cables backwards. No there

The 10 amp or 15 amp ETCS fuse usually will blow also. It also could have blown several fuses. I don't know if it's the same as on a '91 civic, but if the car is on the ground you are going to need an assistant to slowly roll the car backwards while you try to get the end of the cable back into the gromet.

This idiot hooked the jumper cables up backward and blew alot of fuses in the car.

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That would cost more. God only knows what got cooked, fried, melted or otherwise screwed up by this. Then reconnect a well-charged or new 12V battery, and see if the car will start. She then let some other teenage boy at school try to jump the car off. TomP How do you change the alternator in a Honda Civic?

Open by lifting the cover a copper connection block is there. Third, Take off the bottom nut holding the brake assembly to the arm holding it.

OT Neighbor hooked up jumper cables backwards

My wire is connected to the hook but not to the release button inside the car. It has two bolts holding it on. I think it is a 17mm socket. How do you adjust the clutch cable in a Honda civic DX hatchback? This is the proper way to measure the draw.

Then disconnect the 12V battery for a few minutes so that any trouble codes stored in the ECUs will be cleared. The remote starter lit up the head lights when it died. Joel mikedudley17 This will be the circuit with something staying on.

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The motor relay in the skid control ECU is what powers up the pump. I suggest that you carefully inspect all fuses to see if you can find any that have blown.

I can't remember what size it was, but it was huge. Take the battery to a battery shop and have them test it. I'd think yours would have as well. Sorry to hear about that though. Note that you have two fuse boxes on either side of the engine compartment and a fuse box on the side of the dashboard that you can see when the driver's door is open.

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Verified Thank you for choosing JustAnswer and allowing me to help you resolve your Toyota questions! This is the only way to fit the Alt. Replace fuse in fuse box under hood that powers the entire fuse box. You now need to remove the mounting bracket with a 14mm socket.

I would explain to her that the battery can EXPLODE and spray sulfuric acid everywhere if the cables are hooked up and there is any charge at all in the battery.