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Rachael, Scarecrow Rachael stops you on your way out to thank you for the delivery, and to gossip about the Mayor a bit. Carl Carl comes in to buy the Tin Can he asked for. Finding Things Out 2 Requirements: At the same time, numerous monsters are threatening the town's border.

Home Town Story

The Fishing Rod can be bought from the 2pm Merchant or from the Blacksmith. Rachael With some trepidation, your character arrives for the promised meal. Wilhelm will buy them as a regular customer at 1pm as you charu mehra dating website them out for sale.

The Timekeeper 2 Requirements: Have the Magnifying Glass in your inventory Starting Location: A Helping Hand 3 Requirements: Bobby, Dexter Bobby's hard at work as usual, but Dexter seems to be at a loose end. Pins and Needles 4 Requirements: Ember asks to go deal with the dragon instead.

Lamisa Just as before, Lamisa has picked up some new words from the Comic Book she bought.

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You hear a commotion in the towns square so go to see what's going on. Ember the Dragon 5 Starting Location: Seeing Double 2 Starting Location: The Wanderer 6 Requirements: She offers to make you an outfit as well, but she needs the right fabric.

Anna, Harvey To apologize for the incident with the medicine, Anna arrives at your shop at opening time a few days later, offering to buy you a meal.

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Whatever time you put out the Animal Feed. Helena The same beauty that you saw earlier stops at your shop to check it out, and to ask a favor - deliver a Milk Pudding to Aisha.

Choose yes, and you accompany her to mix some medicinal herbs. The Master Smiths Starting Location: Even if you choose to give it to him, Pochica won't allow you to. The Wanderer 3 Requirements: Tooth Repair 1 Starting Location: The Wanderer 1 Intro Requirements: Rachael You've brought Rachael's order, although things may not be complete just yet The Gourmet 2, 4, 6 Requirements: The Big City 3 Starting Location: Cling, Clang You deliver the materials to the twins, so they get to work.

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Shinji explains it's important to his research. You'll need Expedition Stuff Have Cosmos in your inventory Starting Location: He wants an item called the Flower Baby.

Reading Rainbow 6 Starting Location: Yumi, Peter The flower box in front of Wilhelm and Peter's house catches Yumi's eye, and she stops to talk to you about the blooms, while Peter overhears.

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Bobby Now that Dexter is living with Bobby, it's time for him to go to work. Dexter Another wanderer makes his way into town. Once you stock them and put them on the shelves, this event is followed by The Gourmet 2, at which point the entire sequence repeats twice more.