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The music rises in tension as the ants crawl up her leg. Notable Aussie ads that just missed out: But when you think of jelly, which brand comes to mind first?

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Check out the rest of our range If you were interested in seeing what else we have on offer, take a look at our pages for jockey underwearbonds underwear and more! Release your inner explorer Beneath the feet of every explorer is a pair of quality socks.

Browse our extensive range of socks and underwear online now. A woman in blue underwear calls Rex into her room. Sic Em Rex The original Antz Pantz commercial, launched in andfeatures a female backpacker, her pet echidna, and a few local ants.

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A mixture of live action and 3D ants was used. The ad finishes with Rex walking through a door to discover three more women waiting for him at the end of the corridor. We supply only high quality products and offer them at very affordable prices.

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Related Inspiration Room posts. Put an end to nasty rips and toes pocking through the material with holeproof socks from Undie Warehouse. This time, Rex had three women to look after.

The original ad was shown on Australian channels towards the end ofto be followed up by the new ad. In fact, have you come across anyone outside of the thousands of blokes who were actually in it who thinks that it lives up to its hype? The woman lies back to enjoy the experience.

He collapses with exhaustion. Just like the ad. I spotted this Scotsman crossing the road while I was waiting at lights in St Kilda a couple of years ago.

VEGEMITE Another iconic jingle promoting another iconic Australian resucitare para matarlos online dating, Vegemite when it was still an Australian-owned brand focused on aligning its brand with happy, healthy Aussie kids and circus acts, in this particular example.

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These marvellous creations will keep your feet cosy and warm and will last you for what seems to be a lifetime. An echidna an Australian ant-eating mammal like a hedgehog or porcupine waits by her side. They worked hard on the land and in industry, joined the army and spent countless hours watching sport.

Filming was shot by director Iain Mackenzie. Now that was a good advertisement. Their inner layer of wool offers additional cushioning and assists with breathability, whilst the outer nylon layer offers superior wear.

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A handsome steward enters with a platter containing an echidna ready for action. Antz Pantz Backpackers In Pacific Brands launched a fresh television campaign, using the same ant-eating concept.

His TV career spanned 50 years, providing daily reminders for Australians no strangers to flies that they and their families could get sick unless they kept a can of Mortein on hand at all times.

Digital Pictures modelled and rendered a 3D echidna for the shot but decided not to use it when they saw how well Rex actually performed in front of the camera.

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If so, you may need to consider going shopping. The ad featured model Toneya Bird who went on to appear in international campaigns for Loreal and Cover Girl.

Pacific Brands continue to keep the connection between Antz Pantz underwear and Rex, the echidna with a tongue for ants. Stewart calls out for room service. Was it due to the sensual nature of the ad? Well if the sock fits… Finding the right sock can sometimes prove as frustrating as finding the shoe to go with it.

Do you have any questions about our collection of holeproof products?

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Before the round of beers was over or maybe it was two rounds? In another room a woman in white underwear waits.

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Director this time was Jon Gwyther at Plaza Films. It was massive in scale, executed with precision and elegance and, most importantly, it was humorous. The creative brief was to make a conservative product sexy.

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You want to find the right comfort, function and of course colour, that is going to suit your needs. This is especially true when ripped socks give way to blisters caused from bare toes rubbing on the insides of your shoes day in day out. It was an immediate hit and its message has very much become a part of the Australian psyche.

Apparently the Antz Pantz television commercials caused some heated debate in Australia.

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The woman and echidna are both clearly delighted. Once she has ten ants walking towards her pants she calls Rex in to do his thing. Our holeproof explorer socks utilise a dual layer design for the ultimate in durability and comfort.

Whether for work, casual or the outdoors, having the right pair of socks can make a big difference.

The top 10 greatest Australian television commercials ever -

They knew their market, they concentrated on the brand and they even managed to make the narrative rhyme. Ants crawl over the piano, over benches, photographs, a telephone, and unwashed plates. Enter Rex, the Echidna. Here they are according to us: With a call of delight Rex leaps up to lick up the ants.

Now you can save yourself from embarrassment with holeproof socks.

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Then please do not hesitate to ask them. Hilton and Stewart are in their hotel room when they discover an ant invasion. Ants crawl over a pair of thongs sandalsa passport and local currency. I pointed him out to my friend sitting beside me, which the Scotsman saw and gave a big wave, which we returned.