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After he leaves, Robin panics and tells Marshall that she had no idea he was coming, and that it took them weeks to figure out their seating chart, so where would Gary sit?

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I was hesitant, as many others were, about this episode. Lily says that they need to find Gary a seat at the wedding. Lilymeanwhile, says she loves Gary Blauman. It's multiple love stories.

People criticize this final season and I see why, but I've enjoyed it all. Future References Contains Spoilers The flash forward sequences of Ted and the Mother together three days after Robin and Barney's wedding is an initial indication that Ted would ultimately not push through with his plan to move to Chicago the day after the wedding.

Ted and Gary both seemed to be interested in the girl, so they fought for the girl by using Teddy Roosevelt facts, but neither ended up with her.

Continuity Ted tells a story to the Mother, much like he james altucher online dating in Vesuviusforeshadowing when The Mother says she doesn't want him to 'live in his stories'.

Ted states that he hates Gary Blauman. Was this review helpful to you?

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Sometimes it's filled my heart up. Ted realizes Blauman is gay and was fighting for him and not for the girl at the party previously mentioned.

But in Vesuvius, we know she has heard them all numerous times. One night, Ted threw a party in the apartment to celebrate something he no longer remembered.

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I can't wait to see what the next three episodes have in store. I've cried probably in every episode, my hearts been filled up, I've laughed, I've been sad.

They're using all their tricks. Unfortunately, there's live music at the restaurant so they decide to go somewhere else anywhere but there.

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Indeed, given this episode's final moments, it really does feel like the long-running show is finally coming to an end. Realizing that Gary is gay leads Ted to wonder if all those years ago, Gary had been trying to win Ted, not the girl.

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And for those of you who follow these forums you'll understand what episode I'm talking about. Cross that one off the "Mother's Name" list.

As for Ted and the Mother's date, it was good to see more screen time shared between the two, along with Ted telling another story from his past. Halfway through the tattoo, Blauman talked her out of it and convinced her that she and Marshall would get back together and were meant to be with each other.

When Ted chokes up. No one else seems to believe this though. While he began to talk to her, Gary Blauman interrupted the conversation and joined in for the entire night, refusing to give up.

However, this addition made me wonder just how reliable the events of the date actually were, especially considering that it was apparently framed within Future Ted's story all along.

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Bays and Thomas have spent episodes creating these characters and this show, and they've been doing it with an end in sight. Meanwhile, Ted starts telling her the tale of Gary Blauman. Speaking of full circles, this storyline also brought about one of How I Met Your Mother's more impressive long takes, as the camera spiraled around the exterior of the church to reveal a slew of returning guest stars, and where they eventually ended up.

It is revealed that Lily also got a butterfly tattoo, actually before Ted. They knew from the beginning what they wanted us to feel in these last few episodes.

Contents [ show ] Recap The episode starts on Wednesday, 8 p. If that's the case, could Ted's line, "Remembering this," be another allusion to the possibility that the Mother has died not unlike his imaginary monologue in Season 8's "The Time Travelers"?

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He started to flirt with her but then Blauman arrived. Louisher ex-boyfriend, is in front of them and she doesn't want to see him. Ted agrees and takes a few seconds "to remember" what just happened.

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Only one episode left before the finale! I'll run into someone I maybe talked to at a party, but I remember them. Future Ted reveals the future for many secondary characters: But that's just another slightly brilliant thing about this season.

But he also says that he keeps tracks of some people: