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They expected him to be dumb, native and loud. He came out horribly embarrassed.

And Austria talks about Prussia all the time Prussia even tried to learn the violin to impress Roddy, and calls him little master of his heart, fufufufu They are practically orbit around each other. Also I love how Hungary is the man in this relationship.

France is always there for his little Canada.

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England is too controlling for him to be himself, and America's personality doesn't at all fit with England. France was having his birthday party Last year France gave the nations costumes to wear. England was already drunk. What hook up gfi outlet to that?


To me, it's still incest. Japan helps America be less rowdy, and America helps Japan come out of his shell. He even asked Germany to kiss him!

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The history between these two countries, especially during World War II is definitely rocky and not at all friendly, but that is one of the things that just makes me love this couple even more. The nations would whisper small little insults in their language. What is the most simple in life.

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France had a blue coat and a brown shirt. Prussia stalks Austria for christ sake. I've always been a FrUk fan. Every day, England, the man who raised him, called him fat.

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Poland becomes upset when Lithuania is picked on and Lithuania worries about Poland all the time. He walked through the streets of Toulouse, France. Only if at least ten thousand citizens or more spoke that language, then it would be implanted into his brain and he would know it.

They have been everything to each other. Probably up there as one of my all-time favourite ships.

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This pairing is SO cute only because its really funny. France and Canada have a sad and twisted relationship, too! Nearly everyone in his nation was an immigrant, even the Native Americans who came from Sibra, Russia.

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They should be together, YaoYao must become one with Russia! But that wasn't the point. I love them, I can't really explain why but they fit together like a married couple and I mean they look so cute together and I think that Yao would like Ivan more, when they would meet each other more often!

I personally love this couple because the two seems to match really well with each other, both love cats, quiet and the fact that Greece seems to love mentioning naked men with Japan is also so cute and hilarious. Even just looking at the their history together provides the basis for an intriguing relationship.

Even though Prussia might seem to hate Austria, I take it as a hidden love aspect! After awhile, he just gave up.


All the countries would celebrate the death of the world's superpower, Canada would finally get noticed, and England would end up with France. England would be nagging America constantly, and America is not the type that likes to put up with that, but I sincerely think France is.

It's also similair to USUK: I thnk they are the I really wish people would look closer at this pairing, it's always so interesting to watch them interact! The door opened and he saw France in a French maid outfit.

Second, there is no way America could be himself with England and vice versa because they are way too different.

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Not only that, if they really fall for each other, their prides will mostly stand in the way and make everything hard between both men. It was probably that that drove America to where he was now, on top of the UN building, with his legs dangling off the edge. It can go from angst to fluff in mere seconds, and I really like how many possibilities there are for them.

The star should go with the moon and the wisps of cold in dusk night, whilst they say it is only logical that the sun chooses the fluffy afternoon clouds or the blossom buds which unfurl in its presence. Possibly, but he would never know.