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Or that 3, years ago the people of Tanum, now a World Heritage site, carved depictions of their lives and customs onto rocks, perhaps so that we would discover them. To book Sweden Ferry tickets please click here.

Most Swedes are proud of their Viking roots, though they don't take it very seriously. Most cities have well-preserved preindustrial architecture.

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It sits on the edge of the Great Pit, the site of a giant cave-in in There are five main archipelagos on the eastern and the western sides of the country, particularly around Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Stockholm and Gothenburg have great nightlife and shopping opportunities.

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For nature lovers, the wildlife and in particular the seals, sea birds and sea life are a treat. Click Here to book a ferry ticket to Sweden Best Sweden Ferry Ticket Price Guarantee Best Price Guarantee - We always offer you our lowest available Sweden Ferry ticket price and there are no hidden extras or surprises such as added fuel surcharges or booking fees and we also we do not charge you anything extra for paying with a Visa Electron card.

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It's herring which is fermented in a tin can until the can starts to bulge and almost bursts. While most Swedish, Norwegian and Danish people of these days were not Vikings, but sedentary farmers or fishermen, some men and in a few cases women joined expeditions of trade, exploration and piracy, reaching as far as present-day Canada, Morocco and the Caspian Sea.

Holidaymakers taking their car to Sweden have a wide range of options via Germany and Denmark, with onward ferry crossings to Sweden. And they should know.

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This clever loophole means boats can sell tax-free goods including booze on both legs of the journey. It should be said that these journeys tend to be very boozy, especially on weekends — expect to see lots of heavily refreshed Swedes taking advantage of the tax-free prices and on-board bars.

There's plenty of nature in Sweden, during the summer Kungsleden in northern Sweden attracts lots of visitors who enjoy a solitary hike between cabins or camp sites in the beautiful mountains.

The price you see is the price you pay. As the pagan Scandinavians were christened around ADthe Viking raids declined. To obtain a Sweden Ferry ticket price and book your ferry ticket securely online please use the real time ferry booking form on the left.

Viking Line

More About Sweden The midnight sun, the snowbound winters, meatballs, herring, Vikings and Volvos, ABBA and the Hives - whatever your pre-existing notions about Sweden may be, a visit to this multifaceted country is bound to both confirm and confound them.

It is claimed that the best way to get over the smell is to take a deep breath of it just when you open the can, to as quickly as possible knock out your smelling sense.

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There are plenty of facilities onboard to keep you busy, including tax-free shops, restaurants and a spa with its own sauna admission costs extra. It dates from the 14th century and was rebuilt in the 16th century.

But instead of analysing Swedes perhaps we should just enjoy and celebrate the sheer showbiz of ABBA, the functionality and aesthetic of Swedish design, the peace prize of dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel and the Swedish folklore-inspired works of Astrid Lindgren.

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Our guide to getting around Stockholm has more info on using the buses and paying for journeys. The Island of Gotland, lying roughly equidistant between Sweden and Latvia, is Sweden's most richly historical area but also has a hip party vibe.

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Perhaps descriptive of Swedes as people. These come in around a dozen different formats and comfort levels, from small-ish rooms that are suitable for wheelchair users and allergy sufferers right up to spacious suites with big windows.

Sweden is great for outdoor life - skiing, skating, hiking, canoeing, cycling and berry-picking depending of season. Post it in our forum!

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If you have a little more time to spare, you could consider taking the ferry. In the unlikely event you find the same all inclusive Sweden Ferry ticket cheaper in the brochure of any other tour operator we promise that we will do our best to beat that price or offer you the choice of requesting a refund.

It is also famous for its amazingly well preserved pre-Viking and Viking historical sites. Unfortunately, they have not been around for a thousand years.

The ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki

Where are the Vikings? The fastest option is to fly between the two cities — there are daily flights in both directions, taking around one hour. The museum tells the story of the mine and the company that ran it and it has received the highest ranking from the Michelin Guide.

Steep cliffs, rolling hills and narrow valleys sit side-by-side calm lakes and deep bays along the High Coast on the Gulf of Bothnia.