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Paul won the challenge, with Will second, Jennifer third, Tommy fourth and Elise last. Paul attempted to serve plates without Ramsay's permission, but was strong in leadership, Tommy served watery salad and inconsistently seasoned risotto, but led well after prompting by Ramsay, and Will was strong in leadership on desserts; the blue team finished service well before the red team.

Whoever's dish was considered most valuable by Ramsay and a panel of three judges would win the challenge.

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Ramsay gave Will, Paul and Tommy black jackets before giving Jennifer a black jacket. Just like the returning chefs received a second chance, I decided to give Elise and Jennifer a second chance as well.

Elizabeth struggled in leadership, and the team struggled plating lobster cappelini, before Elizabeth cooked chicken too early. Elise was berated by Ramsay for crying after he announced the results, telling her to suck it up.

The others had to do Hell's Kitchen laundry, including Ramsay's jacket.

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The first individual challenge was to take five comfort foods and create fine dining versions judged by Michelin-starred chefs out of 50 for presentation and 50 for taste.

Ramsay called Jennifer forward, but gave her a new jacket, retaining all chefs after they won dinner service. Before service, Ramsay revealed that every chef surviving elimination after service would be rewarded with a black jacket.

Ramsay deemed the men clear winners and announced the women would be nominated for elimination. Hell's Kitchen was speed dating perth cbd vacancy for a black-tie charity dinner event, with both teams serving a twelve-top each.

Hopefully, they'll make the most of it.


After she served unacceptable salmon for the sixth time, Ramsay kicked the team out, though he then brought Will and Paul back in to finish service by themselves. Will went on a culinary tour of several Los Angeles restaurants via Rolls Royce, and he chose Elise to go with him.

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Tito Jackson was in attendance for this service. Paul received a helicopter trip with Ramsay followed by lunch at the Water Grilland he chose Tommy to go with him. The men headed to a Ted Baker outlet to buy designer clothing. Elise failed to have scallops ready on time and blamed Jennifer, though Jennifer had given her prior notice.

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The women prepped the dining room for service. The black team had a strong performance, their only problems being Paul overcooking lobster, Jennifer undercooking garnish and Elise trying to push the other chefs too quickly.

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The final ranking was: The chefs were each given a portion of Alaskan salmon and assigned to create restaurant quality dishes with them. During that time, Will have a huge argument with Elise's behavior, and almost walked out of Hell's Kitchen, though chose to stay.

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Jennifer and Elise were nominated. The teams made their own menus in a one-hour time limit. Elise demoted Elizabeth and Jennifer to garnishes on her beef wellington course and was berated, and though Jennifer led well on desserts, the apple dessert was served raw.

David Krumholtz was a guest for this service. He then eliminated Elizabeth, feeling she was not ready to lead a brigade, before giving Elise the final black jacket. For the first time in Hell's Kitchen history, Ramsay announced the team would compete against a team of "returning chefs", consisting of Ben Walanka from season 5, Tennille Middleton and Van Hurd from season 6, and Jillian Flathers and Trev McGrath from season 8, chefs who all received black jackets.

The teams were told to cook three entrees; one that would take 30 minutes to cook, one in 20 minutes, and one in 10 minutes. Each chef took charge of a course. Also, his dish was put on the menu for service, with the others having to prep it.

Jennifer scored over Tommy on the 30 minute dish, but Paul scored over Elizabeth in the 20 minute dish.

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Unfortunately, it was when she was being eliminated. Trev became a leader as instructed by Ramsay but made a salad for the wrong ticket, while Van undercooked meat and Tennille struggled on fish. After Paul and Will honored their agreement though Tommy thought Elise was weakerRamsay agreed and eliminated Jennifer feeling she didn't have the personality necessary to be a head chef, though he praised her exceptional cooking ability.

Will 87Elise 86Tommy 74Paul 60 and Jennifer Jennifer struggled on appetizers, and though Tommy came over to help her, Jennifer failed to give him correct times, resulting in the appetizers he served being undercooked.

Will then beat out Elise in the 10 minute dish, giving the men a win.