Preetika Rao and Harshad Arora Exclusive From Beintehaa Sets Preetika Rao and Harshad Arora Exclusive From Beintehaa Sets

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A lot of girls write to me that - We have a Girl Crush on you but I have never really heard about this term 'Girl Crush.

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There is nothing like I dislike about her but she has a very bad habit of laughing in the middle of the shots. So, he keeps teasing you like this all the time Harshad, tell us your favorite scene of Preetika?

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Any crazy off-screen memory with each other? Any memorable moment with each other?

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Preetika - I prefer hiding rather than lying and nowadays even guys don't tell their age. Their on-screen chemistry, whether it has been romantic scenes, their roothna-manana or their nok-jhoks have always connected well in the hearts of the audiences.

Preetika - There have been a lot of moments while shooting. Even our directors Maan and Ankur have a good sense of humor and they keep cracking jokes and make everyone laugh. So, it's a secret.

BI Promo for June 2014 - Harshad Arora and Preetika Rao

Everybody else is allowed to laugh but when I laugh, then they question me as why am I laughing. One thing you like and one thing you dislike about each other? Preetika - He was just teasing me saying that 'Mood mein aa gayi ho tum' and I was getting angry on him.

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Preetika - Its been really good. We didn't know each other before but still our on-screen chemistry came out well. So, why should we tell our age? It was really funny laughs.

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Preetika - I don't know any secret about him. Its been a really amazing journey since day one till now; Bhopal, Lavasa, Beintehaa set and all the outdoor shoots all it has been a fantastic journey.

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I said that may be you should talk to your dermatologist laughs. Aaliya ji Devi ji hain Preetika - It happens because everybody on the set makes me laugh. Harshad - I don't think I am having any secret. We would definitely like to work with each other in future might not as Zain Aaliya again but with same people.

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He is right; khuli kitaab hain yeh Chuckles Harshad - That confusion is just for Aaliya ji laughs. In the middle of a shot, I just tell her that its my 'shot' whereas it used to be her shot.

Harshad - I keep complimenting her but she doesn't.

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Though Beintehaa is going off-air but they have given lots of memories to fans to cherish forever and they are taking some with them as well being each other's co-stars. What do you want to say to the fans who made Zaya so popular?

Harshad - She is a sweet girl. Harshad - Fans are the guys who made the show, who love the show, who gave the show what it deserves and gave us what we deserve.

BI, samicute, OmaRamdass, kunakshafan26, Uniquely Preetika - I will miss Harshad's sense of humor and his confusing taarifon ke pul laughs.

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